Repurposed door projects

I love a charming garden project. Something creative and a bit unexpected, that has all the attributes of good art with all the care and concern of an aged and weathered object. So comes our next garden project ideas for our readers… repurposed door projects for the garden. All these projects can be done with old or new doors, but I do suggest visiting your local architectural salvage company, or even ReStore from Habitat for Humanity to find old doors with character. (And, it’s recycling, so it’s better for the earth!)

Our first two inspiring photos comes from Green wedding Shoes. While you may not be planning a wedding, this old door table hung from rope can’t be beat for charm – who wouldn’t want to eat a summer breakfast on a table like this?



From Finding Home, check out this vintage door bar station! I want this for my patio! Great job Laura! (Read the tutorial!)

DIY door bar


While this next pic of this screen door potting bench is inspirational, it could easily be done as a DIY project! From Hymns and Verses.

Door potting bench


From Diana Wearing, this shutter door fence is amazing!



Very cool old door bench made with old spindles and a door cut lengthwise, from Lark Books.



Confessions of a Curb Shopaholic created this really cool old door potting bench! Love this!

Old door potting bench


From Pinterest, this old door painted this incredible color simply has a window box attached to the front, and is used as art in the garden. I am planning to do something like this to fill an empty corner!



From HGTV’s Rate My Space, this garden shed made from doors is totally inspirational…



From Jeanne Sammons – ‘Flea Market Gardening’… Oh my…this door arbor is cool…



This garden bench from BHG is using a newer door as the base… but you could make this idea as modern or as vintage as you wanted!

Door bench

So create a re-purposed door project for your garden or outdoor spaces!

Image Credits: Pinterest, Green Wedding Shoes, Finding Home, Hymns and Verses, I Love Junk, Lark Books, Confessions of a Curb Shopaholic, HGTV, Flea Market Gardening, BHG



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