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delphinium in bloom

“I love my delphiniums, there aren’t too many blue flowers.”

-Zone 5a

Put in roses the last few years.  Always died before but this year have 4 lovely blooming rose bushes.  Used extra compost and made sure to use a rose fertilizer early this spring.

-Zone 6a

Bought full grown peony plants last year to update our landscaping, and we are so happy enjoying the blooms this year!

-Zone 8a

variety of succulents and wildflowers growing in rocky soil

“Probably because of all the rain last year, this year the blooms are incredible!”

-Zone 5b

Last year I had to rely on the kindness of family as I began a fight with breast cancer. My ability and energy was nil so my family rallied. One bought all my annuals, and many others cleaned the gardens and planted them all. I have many gardens so it’s hard work that I truly appreciated. They also tidied and did updates through summer plus cleaned up for fall. I have an amazing support group and love them all for helping. I’m very happy to say I’m much better this year and am so very happy to get back in my garden. A bit at a time, but I’m so thrilled to shop, clean and prepare again for this season!  I also tried my hand at starting seedlings and enjoyed but think I overdid it?! lol. I have much to share with some of those angels that helped me last year. XO

Zone 5b

Création d’un jardin de plantes aromatiques et médicinales.

Epiphyllum flowers

Epiphyllum flowers

-Zone 10a

My friend and I started a new flower garden at our church! We picked perennials that could take some sun. We added different varieties and colors. It’s fun at everyone’s reactions as they enter church❣️”

-Zone 5a

Beautiful spring full of viburnum, peonies, and ranunculus!

-Zone 8a

white iris growing next to coral azalea

“I just wanted to comment on the earliest spring weather we have had in years! Here in central Ohio, we are 3 – 4 weeks ahead of a typical spring.  I had crocuses blooming in February and now have roses blooming. 

My alliums have been especially stunning this spring.  I am now wondering what I have that will be blooming in June???😉”

-zone 6a

Planted Lupines because hiking in the Columbian Gorge is nothing less than beautiful for spring flowers. I planed Lupines last year and they came back. Just started blooming this week. 😁

-Zone 8b

light purple hellebore in bloom

My Hellebor has been blooming since February. Bleeding hearts and iris have finished but Lenten rose still going.

-zone 6a

Chipmunks had mined my raised gardens and built an entire critter city under the plants. I fought a losing battle with them for a few years. They were fat, sassy, and brazen, sitting at a distance sometimes and chattering raucously at me whenever I came out to do yardwork.  Then two years ago, I serendipitously planted an onion in the flower bed because when I went to use it, the onion had a nice green sprout. I figured I’d just give it a chance to grow outside, almost as a ‘science’ experiment. Last year, I planted two such sprouted kitchen onions and I discovered that the cute little destructive varmints were way less interested in my beds. This spring I’ve planted three…and those simple onions even put out nice flower-ball heads just like their cultivar cousins. Bees like them too.

-Zone 6a

Clematis and iris are doing so well!!!

-Zone 6b

That’s all for this year… should we do this again next year? Let me know in the comments! I hope you walk away from this post with a new sense of inspiration and gratitude after seeing all the beauty our gardening friends have shared from their gardens.

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  1. PHyllis June 7, 2024 at 1:35 pm

    great idea. good to hear other people’s experiences.

    1. Remi Bagwell June 7, 2024 at 1:50 pm

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)


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