Anyone who has a small garden realizes that their lack of garden space can be both a blessing and a curse. Cursed because you just will not have all the room to plant every garden bloom and blossom you have ever admired. Blessed because, from a design perspective, a small space is easier to design, maintain and even harvest! But if you are looking at your garden space and are confused as to where to start, here are some great easy small garden design ideas and some great tips and tricks to help you create a special space just for you.


small garden designPhoto above courtesy of Patios Depot.


Small Garden Design Ideas


Focus Your Attention

When your space is small, don’t feel that you have to shove a plant into every last square inch of ground. Focus your attention in the space on a focal point, and create a design that simply points the way. Fill the empty space with hardscaping. Now you have a space to impress, with less work, money and time, but much more wow! This photo from Houzz is a perfect example of just that.



Don’t Ignore Space

We often tend to ignore certain spaces in a garden, and when you have a small yard to begin with, thats a waste. Utilize forgotten areas such as a side yard to create green space. Keep it simple so it doesn’t get overgrown. Pick 3-5 plants that will grow well in the space, then repeat them.



Create An Outdoor Room

Remember when your space is small, to make it an extension of your indoor living space. Use hardscaping to create entertaining areas, and open those doors wide and let the spaces work together. Use furnishings outdoors, plant grass for “carpet,” add planter “accents” and remember to just enjoy the space you have to it’s fullest, no matter what its size!





Small Garden Design Tips & Tricks


Use Ornaments to Add Oomph

When our garden design must be limited due to space, one of the tricks of the trade is to use garden ornaments to add a little pizzazz and keep a simple space from looking boring. It also serves to slow the eye down so that it doesn’t take in the small garden too quickly. Try placing them at natural stopping points in the flow of the garden.



Go Crazy With Your Small Garden Design

If you are a plant lover like me, restraint probably isn’t your strong suit. So pack it in! Create a lush oasis by planting closer than you normally would, especially in borders. Add containers to up the  effect. Remember, if you plant closely like this, you need to compensate with extra water and fertilizer throughout the season.



Go Up!

And Lastly, don’t forget that you can go up! Vertical gardens are trendy, and right on point for a small garden design. Check out our post on DIY vertical gardens for more info.


We hope these easy small garden design ideas have you on your way to making the best of your tiny garden!


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    beautiful lay out of the lawn.

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