More Unique Garden Containers You Never Thought of – Part Two

If you missed Part One, start at “More Unique Garden Containers You Never Thought Of “. Then come back here and get these great ideas, because we can’t get enough of unique garden containers! They add personality to your garden, and allow you to be creative outdoors. Plus, they just might make you smile! Basically anything that can hold soil can theoretically be used as an unusual garden container. So look around your garage or attic, check out the salvage yards, and visit your thrift shop for items you love. And make your own garden containers that are one of a kind!



Old fashioned charm. Need I say more? You could find an old tub at a Habitat for Humanity “Restore”. Don’t forget to drill some holes in the bottom for extra drainage so it doesn’t become a planter “pool” when it rains! Photo from Karen on ‘Flickr‘.



Eclectically Vintage has these two great containers on her patio, one being a metal mop bucket and one from an old tool box. Love it! Old wooden containers will likely drain ok just from the fact that they are porous, but any metal container will need drain holes. If you don’t want to drill holes in an item, then line the bottom with a layer of rocks or gravel. This keeps the roots from sitting in water.




From Carolyn Keiper‘s garden… how charming is this? A trip to Goodwill is in order! Do we need say it again? Depending on the condition of the boot, don’t forget to add drainage!



I always love vintage crates like this Coca-Cola box used as a planter. Plant this while it lays in a horizontal position, and let the roots take hold for a few weeks before trying to prop it up vertically. Or, use it horizontally for an outdoor table centerpiece. From ‘Nadia Knows‘.

More Garden Containers You Never Thought Of


This one would be a little tough for me, ruining a gorgeous instrument…It would be a great project if you could find a string instrument beyond repair… We love the idea of bringing the arts into the garden. Found on ‘Recyclart‘.



These tool box containers are from Making Art of Life and Confessions of a Curb Shopaholic. Especially important with metal boxes to make sure you provide good drainage for these planters, either by drilling holes in the bottom, or lining the bottom with gravel. Sedums and succulents, while tough plants, really hate wet feet, so keep that in mind when choosing plants and drainage.



Using natural stones to create unusual containers for the garden would be great for a natural garden style, or something a little more minimalistic. Photo by ‘PF Plants‘ and ‘Cactuspad‘.



This is an old chicken feeder filled with hens and chicks… you could easily fill it with herbs as well. What a neat idea for up-cycling into a unique garden container! This is one we could only find a Pinterest source for… If you know the original source, please email us and share. We would approach this project by packing the feeder with soil, then using a small tool to plant through the openings in the side. Water from the top and let soak down through the whole feeder. You could mount this really unique garden container both vertically or horizontally on a post or wall, or set it directly on the ground.



These rusty tool container gardens are from Vickie’s Intrigues, and wow, aren’t they awesome? If you try something like this DIY, line the tool base with moss or coconut fiber. Then fill with soil and plants. You can use sisal garden twine to hold it in place if necessary.



These unique garden containers are enough to make visitors to your garden stop and stare at your creative side! If you haven’t seen Part One to this post, jump on over now and check that out too, lots more creative container ideas!

Also, here is our first post that we did on “Containers You Never Thought Of“.



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  1. Barbara January 15, 2018 at 7:07 am

    Thanks again for more great ideas on re-using all kinds of containers and vintage items, Barbara


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