DIY Table Top Fire Bowls

Sometimes you don’t want to build a whole “fire pit” adventure in your backyard, but you still want that fire factor. No problem, we found some easy DIY table top fire bowls for you that fit perfectly in any garden space! Whether you don’t want to smoke out the neighbors, or you just don’t have the space, fire bowls can be used on the patio any time of year. Fire is an element of nature that is a natural in a garden space, and allows you to enjoy the outdoors long after the sun goes down. Think “campfire” without the firewood hunting! (If you do want to go all out, learn how to build a fire pit!)  Our feature photos below show us how to make a tabletop fire pit from ‘Dunn Lumber’, They use easy to find gel fuel, and they even have a budget tip for the fuel at the end! All of the supplies needed you can get at most home improvement stores.

DIY table top fire pit-1

DIY table top fire pit-2


Mike from ‘Modern Builds’ shows us how to make his modern concrete fire bowl in video! This is a great tutorial for those of us who really need to be walked through a project visually, and honestly I think most of us fall into that category!

DIY table top fire pit-20


Also from Mike at ‘Modern Builds’ is this DIY concrete tabletop Tiki torch. Also in video, this tutorial was a little different, and we love different!

DIY table top fire pit-21


Karen at ‘The Art of Doing Stuff’ made this awesome DIY personal fire pit for cheap. She made this for under $25, and we’ve seen similar ones for over $150…

DIY table top fire pit-4


‘BHG” made this really simple backyard fire pit with a galvanized metal bowl, fire glass and gel fuel. Be sure if you use a metal container you remember it can get hot really fast.

DIY table top fire pit-5


Kim at ‘Today’s Creative Life’ made this DIY tabletop fire bowl from a flower bowl, gorgeous blue fire glass and gel fuel.

DIY table top fire pits-6


Now that you have Kim’s flower pot tutorial down, we will wrap up this post on DIY tabletop fire pits with this inspirational photo from ‘Pinterest’. Using a terra cotta flower pot with a base, this fire pit is an easy DIY!

DIY table top fire pits-8

Image Credits: Dunn Lumber, Modern Builds, Art of Doing Stuff, BHG, Today's Creative Life, Pinterest



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