Make Your Patio Pop with Color!


So this is going to be one of those, let’s get inspired together type of posts. I love color in the garden. I feel like my garden and patio should be kind of like art… because what you are doing in a garden is honoring the art and beauty in nature. And nature is colorful! I really love garden designers that are willing to step out of the typical design zone, and use art and color in the garden. If you ever want to be inspired along those lines, try reading “Making Gardens Works of Art”, by Keeyla Meadows. It will change the way you think about your garden!

Today I’m going to focus on ways to make your patio pop with color… through your furnishings! Its the easiest, fastest (no waiting for a plant to bloom!) and most permanent way to add color to your whole garden. So here they are, great inspirational ideas to get you going!

Use paint to brighten up any furniture…this is just a simple bench and a pallet coffee table, but wow!



Got an ugly old shed? Paint can work wonders!



You can paint simple stepping stones in bright colors and patterns. This is a great way to wake up a sleepy or shady bed, too!



Tired of paint? Use colorful cushions and pillows to make a mark on your patio!



A striped rug does a great job of adding color without being too over the top.



Paint a wall, and leave everything else neutral. Big impact, but even with a bright color, it doesn’t scream at you.



Paint planters and containers. Choose just two or three related hues for the best result.



Paint pots and hang on a fence or wall for splashes of color without a major investment.



Serendipity Refined did a great patio makeover with spray paint on her wicker and wrought iron furniture. Wow! So cool!


Colorful outdoor patio furniture White Wicker Iron Patio Spray Paint Makeover 3


Finally, don’t be afraid of the pastel route if that’s your speed. Pillows or cushions, fabric and flowers are a time tested way to bring color to your garden space.


Image Credits: Serendipity Refined, HGTV, BHG, BHG, Barbros lille Atelier


  1. lourdes martins says:

    super fantastic

  2. Yvette Savoy says:

    How did you attach the colorful potted plant containers to the wall?

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