DIY Concrete Garden Globes

We all love those garden ornaments, but they can be pretty expensive anywhere you look. Here at TGG we decided to make our own DIY concrete garden globes, and it turned out to be a fun and pretty rewarding project that cost less than $15 for three balls. We also tried out a couple different recipes, including a hypertufa... we've included a shot of our sample balls and the recipes below! For our … [Read more...]

DIY Concrete Garden Projects

I love concrete in the garden. It's such an organic material that blends well with nature, yet it holds up over time, and only improves it's looks with age. It's inexpensive, and can be bought in ready made forms, or created by mixing with water and other organic elements. Grow a little moss on it, and you will have me swooning...  So given a choice, if I can't have a natural element such as stone … [Read more...]

DIY Garden Stepping Stones

Stepping stones in a garden can create a path or patio, or simply point the way on a visual trail through your garden. They make a great DIY project year round, and most can be easily done on a covered craft table or in a corner of the garage. This is a great project to get creative with and allow your personality, or the personality of your garden shine through. Here are our favorite DIY stepping … [Read more...]

Favorite DIY Garden Projects

This week at TGG we have some of our favorite DIY garden projects that we have found around the web. Enjoy these great ideas from our favorite blogs! I LOVE the pot wreath from 'Bees Knees Bungalow'! Filled with herbs for fall, or violas for spring?... Read for the full tutorial... this is a budget project too!   Want a cool fire pit for your back patio? This one has a modern … [Read more...]