I love concrete in the garden. It’s such an organic looking material that blends well with nature, yet it holds up over time, and only improves it’s looks with age. It’s inexpensive, and can be bought in ready to use forms, or created by mixing with water and other organic elements. Grow a little moss on it, and you will have me swooning…  So given a choice, if I can’t have a natural element such as stone or wood…give me concrete! Here are our favorite DIY concrete garden projects gathered from around the web, and even some sources for concrete molds to help you with your DIY project!


17 Awesome DIY Concrete Garden Projects


Easy DIY Concrete Garden Projects

No matter what type of project you are looking for, you cause concrete to make planters, bird baths, fire pits and even furniture. But also use it to create hardscaping such as concrete edging, steps and pavers. We’ve got a little bit of it all here for you, so pick out a DIY concrete idea, and start mixing! Remember a couple of safety tips when working with concrete…

  • Always wear a dust mask and goggles to protect yourself.
  • Wear water proof gloves.
  • We are a long sleeved shirt and long pants.


DIY Concrete Planters

Elisha from ‘Pnuematic Addict’ via ‘Remodelaholic‘ has a great tutorial for this DIY concrete garden planter. It’s tall enough to make a statement on your front porch, and pretty enough to show off. She even shows you how to make your own DIY concrete molds! If making your own molds looks time consuming, remember that you can reuse them.


Make these large scale modern DIY concrete planters with this tutorial from Bruno at ‘Curbly‘. He takes you right through how to get these showstoppers made yourself. He even tells you his secret for what to use as a mold.



Ok, we love, love, LOVE these DIY concrete planters from ‘Garden Therapy‘. These are such an easy DIY concrete project, and fast! You could use them indoors or out.


Kelly B (via Curbly) created these outdoor concrete planters from concrete pavers and landscape adhesive. These are so simple, they’re brilliant! Can’t wait to try this out! Remember to check out the directions on the adhesive you use. Make sure its warm enough outside for it to harden and cure.

DIY Concrete Garden Projects


These modern grassy planters are awesome. These DIY concrete garden projects are another (easier) version of a cinder block planter. Literally, you can do this in about 10 minutes. From ‘Design Sponge‘.



Concrete Bird Bath

So we love birds…and during the summer, especially with warmer then normal temps the last couple years, birds could use a little help. You can make this DIY concrete bird bath with the tutorial form ‘Sprouts and Stuff‘ for less than $6! Such a pretty garden project! And so much fun to watch the birds enjoying it year after year, right?

DIY Concrete Garden Projects


DIY Concrete Table Top

Rogue Engineer‘ has free and easy plans for your to make this DIY concrete table top for less than $30! One of the things we love about these DIY concrete garden projects, is that no one else will have one exactly like you! Lots of step by step photos will take you right through this project in a weekend.


Ana White‘ has free plans for a paver concrete coffee table at her site, with complete step by steps. This would be a great table for families with small children. No glass top like many of the discount store patio tables have. You could use these as side tables as well.


Bench with Cement Legs

This modern concrete and redwood bench seems like it might be complicated, but thanks to some great step by step instructions, it’s not! From ‘Remodelaholic‘, this DIY concrete garden project looks high end, and can be used anyplace in the garden. You could also use cedar if it is more readily available in your area.


DIY Concrete Pavers

Lori from ‘The Stony Brook House‘ made her own DIY concrete pavers. We love this, because hardscape for the garden can be really expensive. She used Quikrete and some plastic containers as molds and was able to create her own for a lot less! You could make these in different shapes and sizes, depending on your molds.


DIY Concrete Edging

Give your garden structure with this DIY concrete edging project. This is a great way to use cement in the garden to keep the lawn and flower beds exactly where they are supposed to be. It also gives you a great mowing strip. This tutorial has all the instructions you need to make this concrete garden edging, from creating the forms, to pouring and shaping the concrete. So get out your shovels, gloves and bucket! (Don’t forget the dust mask whenever working with concrete!) This idea will be worth it. From ‘Woodshop Diaries‘.

DIY Concrete Garden Projects


Concrete Garden Globes

And of course, we have our very own DIY concrete garden globes from last season… Anyone tried this yet? This was one of the most fun projects we have done. And is was an easy way to make concrete art!

DIY Concrete Garden Globes


Advanced DIY Concrete Garden Projects

Feeling confident now? Good! Because these next concrete garden projects are a little more advanced, but so worth it!

Steps for the Garden

This project will take a weekend, but you can transform the design of an entire yard by directing it with steps and paths. DIY concrete steps will have durability and strength, so they will last for years. Also, they look great in any style yard. Check out this step by step tutorial from ‘BHG‘ on how to pour concrete steps!

DIY Concrete Garden Projects


Concrete Bench Tutorial

Learn how to build a DIY concrete bench with this tutorial from ‘Ideas 2 Live 4‘. A bench like this could easily cost over $1000, so tackling this project could be well worth it! The tutorial is very complete, and has lots of photos of both the concrete mold, and the construction.


DIY Concrete Walkway

This DIY concrete walkway isn’t so much difficult, it’s just that they used a very specific machine to cut the concrete molds. You could use this same tutorial to make the molds using other power tools and still end up with these amazing paver stones! Also from ‘Homemade Modern‘, this is one of the most unique concrete garden projects we have seen. Love the look!


DIY Concrete Fire Pits

This DIY concrete fire pit from ‘Homemade Modern‘ looks like quite a job. And it is. But considering buying a fire pit like this would cost thousands, intermediate – experienced DIY’ers should take on this challenge! They do a really great job of taking your through this in a lot of detail. And when it’s done? Oh, my!


And finally, ‘Man Made DIY‘ teaches us how to make this amazing DIY concrete fire pit! Love the clean look that would work in any space. This is one of those concrete garden projects that should be the focal point of the yard.

DIY concrete garden projects


Concrete Molds for DIY Projects

If you are looking to buy some concrete molds to make art, planters, stepping stones, or other concrete projects, we found a few great choices for you here!

The Quikrete Walkmaker allows you to create a stone look walkway with concrete at a fraction it would cost you to lay real rock. Remember, your can stain the concrete as well, either before or after.


Use these silicon concrete molds to make both square and round small flower pots. You can re-use these over and over, so they are a great investment.


Make a more traditional brick lay concrete walkway with this rectangular walkway mold. Made of premium plastic, it’s easy to clean and reusable.


Those trendy octagonal planter pots that are perfect for succulents, air plants, cacti and small houseplants? You know, the ones that can cost upwards of $20 a piece? Make them over and over again with this silicone 3 pack mini octagonal mold!


Learn how to make concrete garden globes like we did, and then go buy yourself this half ball sphere mold and make it easy!


If you want a more detailed concrete walkway, try this mold from Goeteff! Reusable over and over, and will give your garden a custom look.

Make some DIY concrete garden projects and let us know how they turn out, and please share your ideas in the comments! We think you will also love our posts on How to Make Hypertufa and DIY Tabletop Fire Bowls!

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  1. Maria March 22, 2021 at 8:08 am

    Wow love all ideas what’s the name the material we have to use for the fire pit thanks 😊

  2. Mr Bishopp July 2, 2020 at 7:59 pm

    Hey so we just finished using the walk maker mold for some concrete pavers. What do y’all recommend for putting in between the pavers? Sand? grout? Nothing?

    Just don’t want weeds to grow there.

  3. Plants Planet October 16, 2018 at 6:17 am

    Thanks for these extra ordinary ideas. I like it.

    1. David July 11, 2020 at 6:34 pm

      These are all great EXCEPT the planter tower it is perfect for kids to climb on. They will fall and be hurt. And it can fall on kids.!!!

  4. Nancy April 18, 2018 at 6:44 am

    I will love to make some stepping stone for my backyard, can somebody help me with information on how to do it? Thank you

  5. Mike Hall September 14, 2017 at 8:28 am

    Great ideas as usual! We have a landscaping company and am always looking for simple & unique ideas like this!

  6. Dee February 18, 2017 at 4:42 pm

    I am going to try the concrete paver planters! But I will add mosaic tile designs to the exterior walls to dress them up or stain designs into the concrete and/or paint them, etc. I also think if you put another paver on top and cap it you can use them to elevate your garden statues!!! Maybe adding some kind of edging (2″ H stones or concrete blocks cut into small squares and glued down) to outline the base of the statues to give them added stability if it is windy, or drill a hole in the center and put a long metal bolt or rebar rod in the hole, glue it into place, drill a hole in the bottom of your statue and place it over the bolt/rebar to secure it into place, but keeping it removable so you can take them in for the winter!

  7. Renée Towater October 18, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    How were you able to separate the cynderblocks? I DON’T have an electronic saw. Thanks, Renée

    1. Kathy Woodard October 19, 2016 at 12:00 pm

      Cinderblocks come in little single square sections as well, there is no cutting necessary! Hope that helped!

  8. Roland LENTZ April 27, 2016 at 5:11 am

    magnifique ,très bien fait

  9. Alaknanda Thakur June 16, 2014 at 4:08 am

    I made concrete stepping stones for my garden they look so nice ,I used silicon cake making moulds and it became easy to remove from the moulds


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