If you are looking for a fast way to update your outdoor living space, then use concrete planters. No matter what your style, these planters and pots look classic, organic and high. Whether for large plants like a palm for your front entryway or small plants like a succulent for your desk, concrete planters always look good. No matter what you need – a large planter for a front door entryway, a concrete urn to use as a focal point in the garden, or a small concrete planter for your patio table, we’ve got it here. And never be afraid to use planters and pots in your garden space itself. It’s a great way to add color to a flower bed that isn’t blooming, or to bring a focal point to a border that has gotten a little tired. We found some of the best concrete planters out there for you, and all of them are diverse in style and size. Ok, now let’s check out the  best places to buy concrete planters online! (And, a few of our favorite picks!)

Best Concrete Planters

Small Planters

Here is a nice set of 2 modern 4 inch concrete pots perfect for small succulents, cacti or airplants. We found these on ‘Amazon‘ at a good price and with good reviews. They come with the saucers as well.

Best Places to Buy Concrete Planter Pots Online

We are obsessed with this Concrete Hanging Planter from ‘CB2‘. This lightweight wall planter is perfect for the patio, and can even be used indoors. We would recommend making a grouping of 3-5 of these planter pots on a patio wall to make a design statement. You will not believe how inexpensive these concrete planters are! Go check them out!

We actually have some square concrete planters just like these 5 Inch Cement Cube Planters from ‘Amazon‘ on our patio, and love them. They are modern in design, and the perfect size for small plants that might be too tender to grow in our garden. We love them for cactus gardens too!

We love the hint of mid century modern with this metal and concrete planter from ‘Wayfair‘. But be aware that the photo makes it look big when actually it stands 12.5 inches tall. But if this is the size you are looking for, it’s a really nice pot and stand!

Best Places to Buy Concrete Planter Pots Online

Large Concrete Planters

This 3 Piece Concrete planter Pot set from ‘Wayfair‘, is truly elegant and perfect for large plants. We love the Charcoal authentic concrete finish and the look and feel is true concrete but they weigh substantially less!

The Macron concrete urn planter from ‘Pottery Barn‘ is a more traditional and classic planter perfect for the edge of a patio, path, or right in a garden bed! And, it comes in three different sizes!

The Seminyak Grey planter is a faux concrete planter pot from ‘CB2‘ with amazing style. It is a lightweight mix of cement and fiberglass, and comes in five sizes including a large 26″ tall version.

The Pod large planter, also from ‘CB2‘, is another faux concrete option made with a cement and fiberglass blend. It has a warm grey textured finish, and is lightweight. (Which is great, because this one is big!)

The Sphere Light Grey large concrete planter pots from ‘Crate & Barrel‘ are one of our favorites in this post. These round planters are amazingly gorgeous, and are also a faux cement blend too make them easy to move and durable in the weather.

These handcrafted Azina Planters from ‘Pottery Barn‘ are truly Beautiful! If you want a little of that euro or Mediterranean vibe, then these are perfect for you! They’re not exactly concrete but still have that same feel. A little pricey but definitely well worth it!

Best Places to Buy Concrete Planter Pots Online

These super cool concrete planters from Rejuvenation are simply gorgeous! Available in 4 sizes and 2 colors, the Modern Textured Cylinder Planter is definitely one of our favorites. The texture of the hi-tech cement, fiberglass, sand & concrete material composition really has a nice high end feel that we love!

Best Places to Buy Concrete Planter Pots Online

The Garner Tall concrete planter 3 piece set from ‘Wayfair‘ is all concrete, but surprisingly lightweight. They made it with a smooth finish and drainage holes, so you can plant directly into the pots. If out of stock, try the Fugate Planter Box or the Eastvaale FiberStone Pot. Both of these are nice composite type concrete planters.

And lastly from ‘West Elm‘, we have the Radius Indoor/Outdoor Planters. Again these are not true concrete planters, but are made with a special concrete inspired lightweight composite material. These are available in three sizes and three colors. Love these!

Best Places to Buy Concrete Planter Pots Online

If you couldn’t find at least one of these concrete planters you love, well, we can’t help you! These are awesome, and we have three on our list for our garden right now. We think you will also love our post on Awesome DIY Concrete Garden Projects. Also, check out our post Stunning DIY Planter Box Ideas on our sister site, OhMeOhMy!

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  1. Ina Minnaar May 1, 2021 at 8:01 am

    Hi this is so beautiful, but why you dont put the prices?

    1. Kathy Bates May 3, 2021 at 2:02 pm

      The prices are at each link for each individual planter pot.

  2. WF Tree May 30, 2019 at 8:47 am

    Thank you for taking the time to put together this list of concrete planters. I had been looking for planters for some time but did not know where to begin. This list is very helpful and the Fiber Clay Planter is the one I would like to buy the most.


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