How to Build a Backyard Playhouse

Maybe your kids have been trapped inside during a long winter, or perhaps you have already run out of ways to tell them to "go play outside" in the summer, but we have got a really cool solution for keeping the kids busy outdoors. These DIY playhouses take kids outside in all but the worst weather and help them foster their sense of imagination and play. And hey, who wouldn't want a place like … [Read more...]

Top 12 Poisonous Plants – Are They in Your Garden?

When you have pets or small children, what is planted in your garden is something you need to be aware of and proactive about. While no one can rid their garden of everything that is possibly a hazard, many people have no idea that some very common garden plants can be highly toxic to kids and pets if eaten. While young kids should never be left alone in a garden, you can't keep an eye on them … [Read more...]

Fun & Funky Backyard Projects

The garden isn't all about curb appeal, or home values, or good design. It's also about the people you love enjoying their time there. These fun and funky backyard projects will add a little bit of whimsy, a touch of humor, or just some plain old backyard fun! DIY your way to a garden everyone wants to be in! Got an old shed? Turn it into a she shed! Doesn't get more fun than a grown ups doll … [Read more...]

Want to Make a Treehouse?

Yep, you heard me, treehouse! Pure fun for the garden...and I don't know if you've seen the new show on treehouses, but they aren't just for kids anymore. There are even treehouse cabins for rent for us grown ups! In other words, society is giving us permission to think like kids for awhile. And thats always a good thing... So whether you want some childhood inspired daydreams, or actually want to … [Read more...]

DIY Kids Outdoor Playset Projects

I think I started my love affair with the outdoors, and the garden, when I was a kid playing outdoors until the street lights came on and my bare feet were tired. Kids need to be outdoors from a young age, but they also need to be able to play with the security of a watchful eye, and that usually means at home. If you want the outdoors to compete with the computer, the video games and the cell … [Read more...]

3 Easy DIY Projects: Garden Games For Kids!

I love the idea of teaching your kids to love the garden. There isn't a more natural place for them to play and learn. Here are three great DIY garden projects to help you make the garden a fun and active place for your kids. Instilling a love of the garden is a trait that can make a deep difference in their lives. Oh, and it beats video games! Hopscotch Creating a hopscotch field for your … [Read more...]

Herb Gardening With Your Children

Herb gardening with children is a delightful way to engage children in gardening as a hobby. Both your teenagers and young children will enjoy herb gardening. Teach them about the history of herbs and their many uses. Not only will they get a feeling of satisfaction about growing the herbs but they will feel a sense of contribution to the family when the herbs are used in cooking. They will be … [Read more...]

Making the Garden Safe for Kids

When your garden contains toxic plants, it is imperative that you make yourself familiar with the possibilities of what can happen. While not all children will be so inclined as to want to taste those pretty red plants growing in a home garden, any potential for such an occurrence is a risky one. If you have kids, then your garden needs to have nontoxic plants and vegetables. Many avid … [Read more...]

Gardening with Children

Starting a small garden with your child or grandchild is an excellent way for children to learn to learn how to care for the environment and gain an appreciation for the many birds and insects with whom we share our gardens. Tending a garden also serves as an introduction to the changing weather patterns and the seasonal cycles of nature from planting the seed, harvesting (e.g. eating the … [Read more...]