The backyard isn’t all about curb appeal, or home values, or good design. It’s also about the people you love enjoying their time there.  And if there was ever a time to make your yard the coolest place on earth, it’s now, right? These fun, funky and cool backyard ideas & projects will add a little bit of whimsy, a touch of humor, or just some plain old backyard fun! DIY your way to a yard everyone wants to be in with these cool backyard ideas for adults, kids, even the whole family.  And then get out in it!

Cool Backyard Ideas for Adults

Giant Yard Dice

With a saw and a drill, you can make these giant yard dice! Your yard will always be a party with these types of fun games! This whole tutorial is from Jamison at Rogue Engineer, via ‘Remodelaholic’. There is even a how to video. You need these backyard ideas, right? ;)

DIY Horseshoe Pit

You know that game, the one where you only have to have one hand free, because the other is firmly attached to your summer lemonade, beer or cocktail? Yes, you can have you very own DIY horseshoe pit! Follow these instructions from ‘Lehman Lane’ to have fun in the sun all season long!

Backyard Shed Ideas – She Shed, That Is!

Got an old shed? Turn it into a she shed! Doesn’t get more fun than a grown ups doll house, right? ‘Country Living‘ shows you how to get it done. If you want more ideas for this fun backyard project, then check out our round up post on How to Build a She Shed!

Fun & Funky Backyard Projects

DIY Backyard Bowling Alley

Grown ups need to have fun too! Everyone can use this DIY backyard bowling lane on a warm day. This incredibly cool backyard idea & tutorial is from ‘Makgyver87‘. Be sure to check out this page, because he has complete drawings and step by step photos.

Kid’s Backyard Ideas

DIY Teeter Totter

Make a cool kids teeter totter out of an old tire with this simple tutorial from ‘Sugar Bee Crafts’! Ingenious! And for all of you worried about chemicals in the tire, notice that it doesn’t have contact with the kids… they have built these gorgeous little seats out of wood and only the ground has contact with the actual tire.  Love this recycled kid’s backyard idea!

How to Build a Zip Line

Let’s be honest, ok? We all love a zip line! Learn how to build a zip line in your own backyard with Heather from ‘How Does She?‘. Go check out the precious face of their daughter riding the line for the first time! Easy to follow tutorial. How could you not be excited about these super cool backyard ideas?

Fun and funky backyard-5

DIY Outdoor Track

If the kids aren’t having fun, then nobody is having fun. Like, truly. Parents, can I get an Amen?  Loving this DIY outdoor track play area from ‘Little Dove Blog.’ Finally a place the kids can take all those Matchbox cars and trucks where you don’t have to step on them! This is a permanent track made with concrete so it will keep the kids busy in all seasons. You could potentially even build a cover over the track so kids have a rainy day place to play as well.

Easy Kids Fort

Want to make a quick and fun backyard project that doesn’t require any tools, and can be done in a half hour? This super easy kids fort DIY is made of bamboo plant supports and twine. The kids added pretty beads to personalize it too! Easy way to watch what the kids are up to in the backyard, while still giving them a private spot to play. Perfect for preschoolers. From ‘Nurture Store’.

Kids Outdoor Play Fort

Easy to build even for a beginner, we love this kids backyard play fort from Making Home Base via ‘Making Home Base’.  Shade from the sun, a clean floor, and even their own little window box! Again, you can see into the fort to keep an eye on them too.

Kids Climbing Rock Wall

Keep your kids having fun and staying healthy and fit with this super awesome backyard climbing wall. This tutorial from ‘Abbotts at Home’ comes complete with step by step photos, instructions, and a how to video.

Kids Outdoor Swing

Lovin’ this fun skateboard swing from ‘Little Bit Funky‘. First of all, such a great re-use of materials. Secondly, how much fun! The movement is totally different from a traditional swing, and I’ll bet you use a lot more of your muscles.

Fun and funky backyard-8

Fun Backyard Ideas For the Whole Family

DIY Giant Jenga Tower

Check out this mind blowing DIY giant Jenga tower from ‘Her Tool Belt’. The entire family can play this game, and the fact that it has a stand to keep it level and stable is a game changer. (No pun intended!) She even has a carry case for the blocks in this tutorial. Love, love, love!!! Fun and insanely cool backyard idea!

Backyard Bocce Ball Court

We love Bocce Ball in our family, and it’s fun for both kids and adults. But it does require a level playing field if you want to get serious, and that means making a backyard Bocce Ball court. Jump on over to ‘HGTV’ and find out how to make your own, and be ready to start a game on any afternoon you hear those dreaded two words… “I’m bored.”

Backyard Giant Slingshot

Everyone in the family will love this giant backyard slingshot you can make with the plans from ‘Rouge Engineer’. Just make sure you set up targets to aim for… you don’t want them targeting their siblings!

DIY Half Pipe Mini Ramp for Backyards

The Wicked Makers have a great tutorial for you families who are way into skateboarding. And no, that isn’t just kids! They have actually designed a DIY half pipe ramp customized to fit a backyard space, that you can make yourself! How freaking cool is this! Video too! Go on over to ‘Instructables’ to learn how to build it.

DIY Backyard Movies

Love the idea of backyard movies? Us too! First, head on over to our post on how to build a backyard movie theater. When you are done there, be sure to check out this tutorial for backyard movie theater seats from Stacy at ‘Not Just a Housewife‘. These are so cool, whether you have your own backyard theater, or go to movies in the park. Seems like these would be so much more comfy than a blanket on the grass!

Fun and funky backyard-4

Fun Backyard Ideas at Night

We have no idea where this photo came from that is making the rounds on Pinterest, but it’s freakin’ genius! Wrapping your volleyball (or ping pong, or whatever!) net with LED string lights. Cool DIY backyard idea for anyone, and everyone!

Fun and funky backyard-9

Year Round Outdoor Lighting

Bring some fun effects into the backyard lighting with this rope lighting tutorial from ‘Christmas Lights, Etc.‘. This is a great way to inexpensively make your garden glow with magic every evening. Fun for everyone! Backyard ideas on a budget!

Rope Light Walkway

Outdoor String Lights Year Round

Finally, we have this cool DIY backyard idea for a canopy of string lights from ‘Gray House Studio‘. This can’t be anything but fun on a warm summers night! Also check out our post on 12 Inspiring Backyard Lighting Ideas!

These fun, funky and cool backyard ideas & projects were designed to help you play in the yard and garden! Definitely check out our post on DIY Stock Tank Pools! Then jump on over to our post on DIY Wasp Traps and Solutions or Zap Those Mosquitos: Tips & Ideas to Repel Mosquitos to keep that yard safe for you and the kids! Also, check out DIY Backyard Games for Family Fun! if you want to see some more great outdoor game ideas! And if you are spending time outdoors in the cooler months, you will want to jump on over to our post on How to Make a Chunky Yarn Knit Blanket over at TBD!

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    where to buy rope lights

    1. Kathy Bates April 14, 2021 at 4:14 pm

      Amazon, or even your local big box store!


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