kids garden games
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I love the idea of teaching your kids to love the garden. There isn’t a more natural place for them to play and learn. Here are three great DIY garden projects to help you make the garden a fun and active place for your kids. Instilling a love of the garden is a trait that can make a deep difference in their lives. Oh, and it beats video games!


Creating a hopscotch field for your kids is as easy as painting numbers on simple paving stones, and creating a path. Plant soft and sweet smelling creeping thyme in between the cracks to appeal to all their senses, and invite them to touch and smell the garden.

Tic Tac Toe

Create a tic tac toe board by painting a simple grid on a paving stone, wood round or patio table top. Design your own play pieces by painting small stones. You can choose a theme for your game that fits the feel of the garden. Bugs, flowers, and veggie faces would all be fun for the kids and the adults. Remember to join in during play time!

kids garden games

Outdoor Checkers

Teach the kids one of the oldest board games…outside! You can either create a checkerboard pattern within a portion of lawn by cutting in a placing square pavers, then using bean bags as checkers. Another idea is to place smaller pavers in a grid pattern either in a gravel bed, or in soft lawn, and use tiles from the home improvement store as “checkers”. Make sure you keep a basket nearby to hold all the pieces when not in play.

kids garden games

Wanna go big time? Create a huge checkerboard with pavers within your lawn, and use giant pieces of stone as checkers. The kids will feel like they are in a Lilliputian land!

Three easy DIY garden projects for kids… Now make sure you enjoy them as well!

Image Credits:, princessandthefrogblog, bhg

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  1. Keri July 7, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    I liked the idea of having the kids in the garden area with you and yet keeping them busy with the games you introduced in the post. Usually their attention span to help in the garden is short, but this will keep them busy longer. Good ideas.


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