She Said : I Want a SHE SHED!

So enough with the man caves already. Really? It took this long for the tide to turn and the woman of the house to get a shot at a little autonomy and peace? No matter how long it took, She Sheds are going viral, and they are so much cuter than a silly man cave anyway. (Cue "We Are the Champions".) Seriously, your own space, and in the garden to boot? Let's face it. We ladies deserve this. And … [Read more...]

DIY Table Top Fire Bowls

Sometimes you don't want to build a whole "fire pit" adventure in your backyard, but you still want that fire factor. No problem, we found some easy DIY table top fire bowls for you that fit perfectly in any garden space! Whether you don't want to smoke out the neighbors, or you just don't have the space, fire bowls can be used on the patio any time of year. Fire is an element of nature that is a … [Read more...]

DIY Outdoor Kitchens and Grilling Stations

The great outdoors and food just kinda go together, don't they? Think camping, picnics, and of course, BBQ's! So instead of schlepping all your food, dishes and cooking prep through the house over and over, how about making yourself an amazing outdoor kitchen or grilling station? The cook in your life will be out where the people are, and those who are helping with the prep won't be stuck indoors. … [Read more...]

9 DIY Cool & Creative Patio Floor Ideas

If it’s finally time for a new patio, or to redo the old one, there are lots of cool options other than just boring concrete! These 9 creative patio floor ideas can be done without a contractor, and can be done in weekend. All of them transform your space into an outdoor room worth showing off! It doesn't matter if your patio surface has seen better days, or if you are just bored with it... try … [Read more...]

9 Brilliant DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects

We love living outdoors as much as possible, but in order to live outdoors, you need to have a spot to do that living! That pretty much requires furniture, which can be pricey, cheap looking, or just plain not work for your needs. These brilliant DIY outdoor furniture projects will make sure you always have a place to sit, cook, serve, and even just set down your glass of wine or lemonade! Give … [Read more...]

DIY Outdoor Storage Benches

There is never enough storage outside on the deck, porch or patio. I'm always having to run to the garage to look for a yard game, candles, small garden tools or a couple of outdoor pillows for that afternoon book. While we're busy complaining, there are also never enough  places to read that book! So whether you have a small garden space, or just want to maximize your organization, we found some … [Read more...]

9 Clever DIY Ways for a Shady Backyard Oasis

It's pretty tough to enjoy summer activities in a backyard that bakes in the afternoon heat. We all need a way to get out of the sun, but still be able to spend  time outdoors. We found these 9 clever DIY ways to a shady backyard oasis for you to help turn your space into a retreat! We didn't want to just share the same ol' wood pergolas (though if thats what you are looking for, check out our … [Read more...]

12 Inspiring Backyard Lighting Ideas

When the warmer seasons come around, most of us like to spend some evenings (or most!) lounging in our yards and gardens. Having good outdoor lighting can make your outdoor space a usable and enjoyable spot to visit with loved ones, have a late snack, or sip a good glass of red. Try these backyard lighting ideas and tutorials to get your yard in shape for when the sun goes down! Our feature photo … [Read more...]

How to Build a Fabulous Floating Deck

Decks don't always have to be attached to the house to give you an effective place to gather and entertain. In fact, floating decks, or decks that are set away from a structure, are a great design feature to break up a boxy or boring yard. They are also a great idea for larger yards that have room for an additional seating space. For instance, a small deck set away from the house might be a good … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Use Cinder Blocks in the Garden

Concrete, or cinder block, is an inexpensive and organic building material for the garden. Easily picked up at your local home improvement store, with a little creativity you can use it to create garden hardscaping that will last. It combines well with other elements such as wood, and is easy for even the beginning DIY'er to work with. What are five ways to use it in the garden? Planters … [Read more...]

11 Super Cool DIY Backyard Furniture Projects

Backyard furniture can be just as important as the furniture in your living room these days... after all, we have finally embraced the outdoors as another room on it's own! Make sure your backyard space has furniture with a personality that tells a story about you and your family... Are you creative, adventurous, ingenious, or perhaps a little 'uptown girl'? We have a great selection of super cool … [Read more...]

How To Build The Perfect Pergola!

Building a pergola in your yard is a major DIY project, but adds value to your home, as well as to your garden enjoyment. Adding shade and structure to the garden, a pergola differs from an arbor in that is is usually a more "room like" structure, with posts supporting a roof covering of some type. In other words, an arbor on steroids. Perfect for creating romantic walkways, adding a seating area, … [Read more...]

Outdoor Room Ambience: Globe String Lights!

Last weekend Steve had the idea that it was time to add globe lights to the back patio. Especially since we were starting to see them on clearance in the garden section of just about everywhere. And, according to Rachel, my teenager least likely to be found in the garden... it was the coolest thing we have done outside yet. The globe lights just keep making me feel like we're sitting outside an … [Read more...]

DIY Tiki Torches

There is something magical about a summers night in the garden. Warm air, stars, nostalgia, good friends... Being in the garden at night feels like you get permission to share in the quiet part of nature's day... It's relaxing, a little mysterious, and a lot of fun. However, we have two problems hanging out in the garden after the sun goes down. One is light, the other is bugs. We have a solution … [Read more...]

Cocktails Anyone? – DIY Outdoor Bars!

With summer festivities and holidays rushing toward us, there is no better time to stop and think about how you want to enjoy your outdoor space this season. Me? I love Steve's margaritas... and a glass of wine. A good craft beer in the heat of the summer works too! With outdoor spaces being extensions of the indoors in todays homes, making a DIY bar just seems like a dang good idea. And if you … [Read more...]

Make Your Patio Pop with Color!

So this is going to be one of those, let's get inspired together type of posts. I love color in the garden. I feel like my garden and patio should be kind of like art... because what you are doing in a garden is honoring the art and beauty in nature. And nature is colorful! I really love garden designers that are willing to step out of the typical design zone, and use art and color in the garden. … [Read more...]

15 Easy DIY Projects to Make Your Backyard Awesome

Wanna make your backyard awesome this summer? Whether your idea of summer backyard fun is quiet nights having dinner al fresco with friends, or a yard full of giggling and squealing eight year olds, we have the DIY projects to make your backyard awesome! Pick one for major fun, or smaller projects to make the entire space just a little bit cooler than it is today. And make this summer your … [Read more...]

Repurposing Ideas for Outdoor Room Decor

Your outdoor rooms are just as important as your indoor rooms when it comes to decor. The nice thing about decorating outdoors is that repurposed materials are an even more perfect fit there. Anything that holds beauty for you can be repurposed into something functional, decorative or useful for that deck, porch or patio. And what outdoor space doesn't need a little old fashioned charm? So we … [Read more...]

13 Awesome Outdoor Bench Projects

I love to linger in the garden, to actually spend time there. It's not enough for me to just have the neighbors compliment my yard, or to know I increased the salability of my home. I live for, and in, the garden when I can. To do that, you have to eventually sit down. :) I love a garden bench because they can be easily moved, accommodate a thoughtful spot without blocking the garden itself, and … [Read more...]

Cover Your Outdoor Space With Shade Sails

Steve and I were looking for an outdoor patio cover that was a little different, and that didn't require major construction either. We found it in shade sails. Popular in Europe for quite awhile, they are catching on in the US quickly because of their ease of installation, ability to adjust them to each lighting situation, and let's face it... they are just plain awesome.  If you want to use shade … [Read more...]

Outdoor Room Ideas

The garden is an extension of your home, so there is no reason you can't give just as much attention to your outdoor rooms as you do your indoor ones! Just remember to look at your outdoor room in the same way...floor, walls, ceiling, furniture and accessories. Your accessories might just be flowers and plants is all! Along the way, use these DIY outdoor room ideas and tutorials to style a fresh … [Read more...]

One Day Backyard Projects

Most of us are really busy, and if we end up spending several weekends in the yard finishing projects, they tend to not get finished. I like simple, and fast for most of the DIY projects I do...probably because, if you ask Steve, I have an issue with patience. And procrastination. But that's another post. :) In any case, the first thing I want to do in the garden each year is all those projects … [Read more...]

Quick Tip – Recycled Trampoline Hanging Bed!

  How many of us parents have old trampolines laying in our backyard, unused and wasting away? How about using your old trampoline and recycle it into a hanging garden bed for your porch or yard? Use you imagination to replicate this ideas in your garden. Easy basics steps? 1. Create a cushion of the bed. How about covering foam with old sheets, or perhaps for a tough cover, a … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Garden Furniture

Garden furniture can be one of the most expensive (and boring) parts of a backyard design. It's not an easy task to find interesting garden pieces that fit into your budget. It is easy however, to build these great DIY garden furniture pieces to add a unique element to your yard. Did we also mention you will be up-cycling, on a budget? Win win!   Cinder Block & Wood - One Hour … [Read more...]

DIY Garden Hanging Beds

I love the idea of a hanging bed within the garden! I can’t think of another DIY project that would be more appreciated or well used! Especially as the long days of summer come upon us, laying out on a comfie “bed” while enjoying the weather, nature and the scent and sight of my garden seems like Heaven. Oh, and a good book too! Here are a couple of great tutorials on building a hanging bed or … [Read more...]

5 Great Outdoor Mason Jar Lighting Projects

Everyone loves the mason jar... it holds a sense of nostalgia and is a versatile decorating element in any style garden! Here are five great ways to turn the inexpensive and easy to find mason jar into great outdoor garden lighting for your yard or patio!   Project One: Candle Lighting Fill mason jars one third full with sand, beans or gravel, and nestle a small candle into the … [Read more...]

DIY Project: How to Stain a Concrete Patio

One of the most boring parts of our garden design is also one of our most necessary- walkways, patios and driveways. Most of us have simple poured concrete, and while it definitely does the job, it is, in a word, boring. We wanted a cool textured, almost rustic look that would blend well with different styles. Here's how to stain a concrete patio yourself, without a sprayer, without expensive … [Read more...]

Solar Lights – Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

Let’s assume you’ve just completed an extensive landscaping project. You spent a lot of time planning and now its finished and you want to just sit back and enjoy. But, as the daylight fades, you start to lose sight of it all. You think, wow, there’s got to be a way to enjoy this after dark. You think, maybe some type of lighting, but what. You think that you hate to have wires hanging over your … [Read more...]

Creative Uses for Garden Trellises

Garden trellises can do wonders for any outdoor space: their height makes them ideal focal points, lending an architectural feel that looks beautiful as well as serving a practical purpose. Most people simply think of them either as decorative accents or utilitarian plant supports, but in fact they have myriad uses in the garden that you may not have previously considered. These graceful, charming … [Read more...]

Decorate Your Outdoor Room on a Budget!

Many times when the weather becomes sultry, the only place we want to be is in our favorite chair on the porch, sipping ice-cold lemonade! So, if we are to spend our summer months languishing with Mother Nature, why not treat our "outdoor room" to a little freshening up, and make our time outdoors more enjoyable! Here are some great, easy ideas you can use to add your own personal style to a much … [Read more...]