It’s tough finding a way to show off your creativity in the garden. But what better place to create some artistic vibe then in the biggest art studio on earth? Your garden is part of the great outdoors, and should be an inspiration! Here are some great ideas and inspiration on how to make simple, creative and upcycled plant containers that look more like art than utility!


This first plant container idea comes to us from ‘SweetpeaGardenCollection‘. Simply an upcycled old drawer with some short legs attached to get up off the ground. Love the vintage knob! Candace sells these on her site but definitely DIY’able!


From HGTV, definitely artsy that’s for sure. This plant container idea is created from upcycled paint cans with some very nicely done purposeful and colorful paint drippings. The old ladder completes the display!

plant container garden art


The old ‘turn a chair into a planter’ trick. This one from ‘Homedit‘ is really done well. An old chair with the seat removed, some kind of container for your plants – an old bowl etc. This vintage porcelain one is a really nice touch. And Voila!


We absolutely love these next upcycled hanging plant containers. Made from old rusty funnels, filled with plants and hung with some old rusty wire. So cool! Photo from ‘Hidden Hills Garden‘.

plant container garden art


Another Idea from HGTV. This bright yellow painted old desk converted into a planter will really catch peoples attention!

plant container garden art


Isn’t this something?! So charming. Who would of thought that all those old tea pots could turn into wonderful artistic plant containers! Photo from ‘Nutrigreeners‘.

plant container garden art


And lastly, from ‘Rosina Huber‘, what a fun and colorful plant container idea! Now off to the thrift store to try and find a bunch of old rubber boots!

plant container garden art


There you have it! Seven creative, artsy and upcycled plant containers that will make your garden the wow spot of the block! Check out our post on Clever Garden Containers You Never Thought Of. Also, you might be interested in Stunning Planter Box Ideas on our sister site OhMeOhMy.

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