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Quiz: What Is Your Garden Style?

Want to know just what kind of garden style is right for you? Learn what style you really want, and tips on how to make it happen in your garden!

Q. You have just won your choice of fabulous vacations at an exotic locale. The choice of where you go is up to you! You choose to relax at:

A. A cozy mountain cabin with just you and nature.

B. A tropical resort on the beach at St. Bart’s.

C. A tour of the English countryside.

D. The Four Seasons in the heart of Paris.


Q. The most extensive garden center in the world is opening a store in your area. During their huge grand opening sale, you have $50 to spend. You choose to buy:

A. A native shrub to bring the birds and the butterflies into your garden.

B. Architectural ornamental grasses.

C. A collection of flower starts in different colors and sizes, just to try something fun and new.

D. Two Terra Cotta containers to place on either side of your front door.


Q. Your idea of a relaxing weekend afternoon consists of:

A. Picnicking in the park. And of course, you make all the food yourself!

B. Dinner at an ethnic restaurant.

C. Staying at home and watching movies you’ve seen a dozen times.

D. Attending a wine tasting at the local art gallery.


Q. Someone at a party asks you what your favorite home decor style is. You respond:

A. Something for real people!

B. Minimal, clean and simple.

C. Styles? Do I have to pick just one?

D. I love the styles you see in celebrities homes.


Q. Your sister just bought her dream home. As a housewarming gift, you get her:

A. Pillows you made from pretty curtains you bought at a flea market.

B. A book on Eichler home design.

C. A Tuscan style pasta bowl.

D. Ralph Lauren sheets and silk pillowcases.


If your answers were:

Mostly A’s:

Nature Lovers Garden

You love to enjoy nature to it’s fullest, and are always remembering to “smell the roses”. You enjoy the challenge and the expression of creativity you get while enjoying your own piece of wilderness, whether you have twenty acres or a balcony garden. The trick to pulling together gardens with a naturalistic feel is to have a unifying theme. Try to identify the feeling you want to have in the garden, then choose a theme based upon that feeling. Perhaps its nothing more than a blue and white color scheme, or a woodland oasis. A mecca for birds, or celebrate water. Try to use native plants where they fit, and don’t feel like you have to stick to traditional rules for foundation plantings. Tour a park or wilderness area you love, and take ideas from Mother Nature herself!

Nature Garden


Mostly B’s:

Modern Garden

Modern garden lovers know what they want, and nothing less will do! Actually, less is exactly what will do, because this style is all about , “less is more”. Stay simple. Choose just a few colors and types of plants, and repeat them. Use plants to bring attention to hard-scaping. Keep in mind that form and texture are more important than color in this garden. A modern garden can be just as beautiful as the most flower filled space, and offers a tranquil respite from our busy lives.

Modern garden


Mostly C’s:

Country Garden

You love the informal, and have an appreciation for things with history. You have a deep love for many different kinds of plants. It’s hard for you to choose between them, so you have a little of everything! Pick a color or plant to repeat throughout the garden.. That way you can make sure your garden beds feel unified, even with a large variety. Enjoy learning! Realize that if you choose a plant combination or color scheme that doesn’t work, you can change it. Be fearless. Country gardens are informal in nature, and allow for a lot of experimentation.

Country garden


Mostly D’s:

Formal Garden

You love a more formal, luxurious feel in your garden. Hedges and statuary speak to you, and art has a significant place in your yard. Try to use symmetrical plantings to create a more formal feel… in other words, whats on one side of the yard, repeat on the other. Straight lines, paths and rectangular beds are what you are looking for. Make sure you include a water feature, and think of the Trevi Fountain each time you spend time in your garden!

Formal gardens

What was your style? Comment and let us know!

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  1. Pauline Blake June 7, 2019 at 8:22 pm

    Very informative.

  2. Wendy Goicochea March 6, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    My answers were all over the map. So what does that make me?
    I can only guess that I am a mixed bag when it comes to gardening.. which is proven by my garden beds.


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