Many times when the weather becomes sultry, the only place we want to be is in our favorite chair on the porch, sipping ice-cold lemonade! So, if we spend our summer months languishing with Mother Nature, why not treat our outdoor living spaces to a little freshening up, and make our time outdoors more enjoyable! Here are some great, easy ideas you can use to add your own personal style to a much needed “outdoor room”!


Decorating Ideas for your Outdoor Living Space


Outdoor Living Spaces – Decorating Ideas

Treat your outdoor living spaces just like indoor rooms when you think about decorating it. Mother Nature has got the ceiling covered in most cases, but you should think about floors, furniture, accessories, color, and, yes, walls, just like any other project! Choose a theme, even if it’s just color! Try our posts Patio Floor Ideas and 15 Amazing Outdoor Patio Ideas. Photo by ‘HGTV‘.

How to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space


Use existing fencing, tall plants, trellising, etc… for your walls, or just imply that walls exist by arranging your furnishings as if they did. You can also make privacy screens to keep your outdoor living space…well, private! Check out our post on DIY Patio Privacy Screens.

Add some structure to your outdoor living space by Building a Pergola, a Floating Deck, or even an Outdoor Cabana! Yep, we have DIY projects for those too! Photo by ‘Lowes‘.


Need a place to sit, eat and lounge? Then jump over and check out our post on Easy DIY Garden Furniture! Photo by ‘Country Living‘.


Tiki Torches are relatively inexpensive, and add great ambience in any outdoor room. Use them with that outdoor lighting set for extra glow! Photo from ‘Lowes‘.


Light the night! Make some of these projects from our post on Inspiring Backyard Lighting, or check out How to Install Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting. Jen at ‘City Farmhouse‘ created this whole outdoor living space with amazing ideas and a couple of great tutorials. Love the globe string lights!


Get rid of those boring planters! A little paint, or a drill and saw, or even some concrete and a little imagination can make all the difference in your outdoor room. Jump on over to our posts on DIY Outdoor Planters. and Planter Box Ideas & Projects on our sister site ‘OhMeOhMy‘. Photo by ‘Good Housekeeping‘.

Take the time to dress up your outdoor living spaces…it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and it will help create a relaxing sanctuary to wile away those lazy days! (If you actually have any of those!) And if you need an outdoor rug for your new outdoor living space, then check out our post on Best Places to Buy Affordable Rugs Online over at our sister site, OhMeOhMy!


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  1. Ron Lock March 1, 2019 at 2:18 pm

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment:you know,it’s darn interesting just where’one’picks-up ideas,and,at present(work f/t-family,etc) I have re-started(marque 16!) landscaping my huge back and side’s yards..your website is chic for smart ideas,and you’ve accumulated some perky colleagues to broaden ‘our’ horizons:in the movie ‘Return to me’,one of the major backdrops is the granddad’s beautiful court have ignited my passion for beauty waxed with part seclusion,and I know my family and all that visits 105 will share in the’little Eden’tucked inside our high fences..cheers..Ron Lock..Geelong,Australia..PS: keep up your wonderful work,and God bless you and your staff/mates..


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