The garden is an extension of your home, so there is no reason you can’t give just as much attention to your outdoor patio as you do your indoor rooms! Just remember to look at your outdoor patio or deck in the same way…floor, walls, ceiling, furniture and accessories. Your accessories might be flowers and plants instead of books and paintings, but that’s just fine with us. Use these outdoor patio ideas, makeovers and tutorials to style a fresh outdoor living space you will find… well, amazing! Find inspiration in these awesome backyard patio ideas! Some of these outdoor living spaces were created from scratch, and some were entire patio makeovers. In every single one, you can find ideas to add style to your outdoor space! (Or, make one where there was none before!)



Let’s get started with Jenni at ‘I Spy DIY‘. (Did you know she has a new HGTV show? Congrats!) Ok, I know I said let’s start here, but there is so much amazingness in this backyard living space, I actually don’t know where to start! First, let me point out I realize this is actually a deck. Building a deck is a great way to create an outdoor room that is connected to the house, or to elevate one away from the house. (Check out our post on building a floating deck!) And the principles for outdoor patio ideas and deck decorating ideas are the same. So, from here on out, they are all just different versions of a patio, right? (Wink.)

Second, you have to go check out all her photos of this outdoor space. Have to. Aside from the fact that the pillows, ottoman, rugs and a accessories would make me want to live outdoors all the time, check out that pink pot wall garden! Remember what I said about thinking about the walls in an outdoor room design? This takes a boring fence to a new level!


Rachel at ‘Maison de Pax‘ has a perfect example of creating an outdoor room. These simple outdoor patio ideas are perfect for anyone, even if you don’t have this much space. Once again, color, pillows, and an outdoor rug make the space feel comfortable and cozy. We like the way she created three different living spaces, like you would in an interior of this size. There is an outdoor dining space, a separate seating area and even a lounge area off by the pool. If you don’t have a space this large, and you want to take just one thing away from this outdoor patio, check out the string lights under the patio umbrella. This is an inexpensive way to make your patio glow. (And a blue & white color scheme never fails!)


Spruce up your outdoor living space with some curtain rods and easy, breezy drapes to give your patio some privacy. Also, don’t be afraid to bring a vase of flowers into your outdoor rooms too! From ‘HGTV‘.

Outdoor Patio Decorating


Melissa at ‘Polished Habitat‘ created an outdoor living space that is full of freshness and charm. Her patio is covered, so she was able to use a lot of accessories that you might not ordinarily be able to use outdoors. While you are there stealing (ahem…) all her ideas, make sure to check out that amazing vertical garden raised bed as well!


So any of you who have read our blogs for awhile probably know that ‘Emily Henderson’ is one of my fav HGTV hosts. Her style is perfection. Casual, yet lovely. Modern, with a retro twist. Love it. And her outdoor patio is ah-mazing. Like wow. So yes, she has pretty furniture. And yes, she knows how to set a really pretty table. And that sitting area makes me want to grab a book and stay there all day. But that patio floor? Oh, my. Now this is actually laid tile. She originally painted the patio floor with a blue gray floor paint and it looked crazy good, but this tile is out of this world. Can’t afford tile? Pay attention to the next project then. In the meantime, here is Emily Henderson‘s Back Patio Reveal.


From ‘A Beautiful Mess‘, this is one of the best DIY outdoor patio ideas we have seen. (What an impact!) This painted patio tile DIY is the perfect solution if a specialty floor is not in your budget. (Want more? Visit our post on patio flooring ideas!) They have a complete tutorial on how to makeover that boring concrete patio into something that looks like… well, like Emily Henderson’s backyard!


Want a little more color? Also from ‘A Beautiful Mess‘ is this painted patio rug tutorial. We also love the outdoor curtains and that succulent chandelier in this outdoor living space! Lot’s of step by step photos and instruction if you want to give this DIY project a try!


Need some furniture for that outdoor space? No problem! ‘Remodelaholic‘ has a full tutorial for you on this really stunning outdoor sectional sofa. Yep. You can build this! (From plywood!)


If you are looking for a way to create an outdoor living space from scratch, check out this patio from ‘Sunset‘. Everything about this outdoor patio can be done by a DIY’er. They built a pergola structure, and then laid a gravel floor. Then they added “walls” with old windows and raised garden beds. Add a shade overhead, some fragrant plants and a comfortable chair or two, and you have the makings of a perfect place to spend a warm afternoon. Need some help with creating this room? First, go check out their post. Then, these DIY posts will help you complete every part of this outdoor room!


Also from ‘Sunset‘ is this Palm Springs inspired outdoor patio space. We love how minimal this is, yet it exudes high end style. You can’t see it in the photo, but they use a shade sail to protect from the sun. We have post on How to Install Shade Sails that might be helpful!

Palm Springs Inspired Patio Idea


Liz Marie‘ did a farmhouse patio makeover that is calming and fresh. It is simple in design and uses neutral colors. Notice the repeat of the same plant around the exterior of the patio. This gives this outdoor living area a feeling of enclosure without “closing it in”. You could replace the lattice fencing with a simple lattice accent wall or screen to save money. Don’t forget the outdoor rug, not one of the outdoor patio makeovers we have seen have left that out! Check out her site, since she has several other patio refresh posts with more vintage styles as well.


Need some more DIY outdoor patio ideas and inspiration? This pretty room from ‘Hayneedle‘ has been pinned thousands of times! Great backyard patio ideas, in collaboration with Brian Patrick Flynn from ‘HGTV’. One amazing element took this room to a whole other level. Ok, an amazing color, and an amazing element… the hanging globes! I really hope those light up at night!



Just want a tiny outdoor patio space, carved out just for some “me” time? ‘HGTV‘ uses a standard chaise lounge to create a daybed in their outdoor room, by laying it flat and pushing it against the railing as backdrop. Add pillows, and maybe a cozy throw, and what a wonderful place to nap away a summer afternoon! (Because we deserve this!)

Outdoor room


From ‘BHG‘, these outdoor patio ideas reinforce all the tips and tricks we have learned up to this point! Color, comfort and cohesiveness. Just like indoor decorating!



Lastly, if you need nighttime lighting ideas for your patio, then try this from The Project Table. This DIY icicle chandelier is made with simple twinkle lights and a grapevine wreath. Follow her instructions for an inexpensive but organic version of the hula hoop chandelier we see all over Pinterest. (Which we also love!)


So we really loved doing this post on Outdoor Patio Ideas and Makeovers! (We hope you loved it too!) We also think you will want to check out our post on Easy DIY Garden & Patio Furniture! Also, we’ve put together a great list on the Best Outdoor Furniture Stores that you must check out!

Note: This post has been refreshed with updated ideas and projects.




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