I love metal projects, and copper is a perfect medium to reflect the natural and changing state of a garden. Beautiful in all it’s forms, it is representative of how plants and gardens change through their seasons, and offer different interest at different stages. Also, it’s just really fun to work with! Relatively inexpensive, copper starts it’s life shiny and bright, and patinas over time to a lovely verdigris. Although I love that look, if you want your copper project to stay bright, simply seal it with an exterior grade clear sealer. So on to these great DIY copper garden projects that any of you can do in an afternoon!



Our first project below, is a tutorial on how to make DIY copper tin can planters (and chalkboard tags!) from Homey Oh My! Easy and quick project with impact!

DIY copper projects


‘Tool Using Animal’ (via Instructables) made this incredible copper rain chain with copper tubing and solder. This is my fav rain chain project, and the tutorial is very complete, but I do notice he used a blow torch to solder the rings. I personally don’t own a blow torch, but it honestly gives the cleanest look, so if you have to borrow one, do! If you can’t or aren’t comfortable using one, look forward to the next project…



As promised, a copper rain chain made without a blow torch! Ex-Scapes made this DIY copper rain chain using copper wire instead of solder…


Simple, simple, simple! This copper mailbox by Sand and Sisal is a half hour project…really! What great curb appeal!



Ashley of Sugar and Cloth, and contributor at Poppytalk, created these DIY mini copper planters from copper fitting caps and a bottle of ketchup! Or catsup…whatever… Curious? Easy and cool! How about these with a moss garden?




From the book,  Trellises, Planters & Raised Beds from Cool Springs Press, this DIY copper coil trellis is easy and really amazing as art in the garden.



Another type of decorative copper trellis project, from Lowes. Complete directions, under $100.



Another great project from Sand and Sisal, this DIY copper mobile is such an awesome idea, and so incredibly easy… make sure you choose the size of copper tubing that bends easily. (But not too easily!)



From Family Handyman, make this copper trellis for your garden from copper pipe for all your climbing plants… Can you imagine your roses, or even your cucumbers growing on this?



This copper tomato spiral from ‘Suzy Homefaker’ is both functional and decorative. See how she made it.



Finally, make copper wind chimes with the complete instructions by Chica and Jo. They use copper pipe, and remember your hardware store may be able to cut it for you!


Image Credits: Homey Oh My!, Instructables, Ex-Scapes, Sand and Sisal, Poppytalk, Cool Springs Press, Lowes, Sand and Sisal, Family Handyman, Suzy Homefaker, Chica and Jo

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    Beautiful ideas!


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