DIY plant markers

Spring is just around the corner, and indoor seed starting is even closer… Many of us are looking for ways to mark out flats, pots and rows without using those ugly plastic sticks… The garden should not be treated just as a utilitarian space! Here are some easy DIY plant marker projects that will get you excited about popping those first seedlings into newly warmed earth…and actually remembering what you planted there! Our featured project from Our Little Coop (above) uses chalkboard paint to make garden marker signs… easy tutorial!

Our first project inspiration comes from The Micro Gardner, and we love this idea! How cool is this? Terra Cotta Plant Markers – Sharpie and broken terra cotta pots…



Scissors and Spatulas has a great tutorial on using chalkboard paint and pots… and you know we’ve been into the chalkboard paint lately! This is great because when you change plants in each pot, you just erase and write the new name!



42 Things on Etsy has these garden plant markers that are natural, clever and cool…



Or create similar plant markers yourself…



Learn how to make these charming wooden spoon plant markers from DIY Adventures.



Create these brick style garden markers with a thick sharpie or paint. Great for marking rows, you don’t have to worry about losing your markers in the wind and forgetting which row is which!



Aunt Peaches created these aluminum tape garden markers for less than $5 for 50!



Finally, these DIY wine cork garden markers by Happier Homemaker are perfect for me! I knew I save all those wine corks for a reason!


So get some seeds planted, but first pick one of these great DIY plant markers projects and get crafting for the garden!

Image Credits: 42 Things, Our Little Coop, Micro Gardener, Scissors and Spatulas, DIY Adventures, Aunt Peaches, Happier Homemaker

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  1. Carol Hawkins September 23, 2015 at 5:48 am

    The Garden Glove,
    I’ve been afraid to attempt to carve a pumpkin cause I needed to have more skills to be an artist. Park that idea into the shed! Thank you for showing I too can do it too! Many skills do I lack I never a great painter of a picture but I can appreciate the art of their talent just beautiful how comes forward to us. Brillant work!
    I, so look forward seeing many hints to help new ideas to come out my old head to a great idea. Thank you, Kathy. You’ll know how much you help me to see I can do more. Looking forward to see what’s everyone sleeve for future project. Really like the way I can give you my feedback as well. I do not really understand Pinterest its hard for me to post my comments. You make it simple. Sorry, this is so long easier for me to explain. Have a super day sure made mine.
    Best wishes always,
    Carol Hawkins

  2. Sandro May 25, 2015 at 2:42 am

    Your plant markers are looking amazing. I like your post..


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