Nothing says the holidays outdoors quite like a pair of Christmas reindeer hanging out on the lawn, waiting for that special night. Bring on Rudolph, Comet, or the whole gang, they will all bring a smile to everyone’s face! Reindeer Christmas decorations are easy to DIY if you have a pattern, some instructions, and a fondness for everything Christmas. We found tutorials for wooden reindeer for the lawn, outdoor lighted reindeer, even a reindeer mailbox! So start up your own little herd, or just make one cute Christmas reindeer to delight the neighborhood.

DIY Reindeer Christmas Decorations

Wooden Reindeer You Can Make

Our first Christmas reindeer is from ‘Her Tool Belt’, and this one is an easy woodworking project. Made from one 8 inch wide board, she supplies the reindeer pattern for you. She used a band saw, but you can also use a jig saw or a scroll saw to cut out the pieces. She has lots of tips and tricks, including a way to make the feet flat so your reindeer can stand on its own. She just stained hers, but you could follow that with an exterior sealer as well. Or, use paint instead!

This wooden reindeer is made with plywood, and comes with free downloadable PDF patterns for each piece. You will need a jigsaw for this one, and a lot of sandpaper. We love how majestic he looks with his full rack of antlers! Go check out the full tutorial at ‘Instructables’, and see photos of him natural, painted white, and even with lights on!

Bower Power’ made this little cutie from one ten inch wide board, for $10! She originally made it for indoors, but you can seal it with an exterior sealer for use on the porch or in the yard. While you are checking this out, make sure to take a peek at her gorgeous mantel tricks!

Dave Lowe’ can be seen on the Hallmark channel, and his DIY sawhorse wooden reindeer plans make for a super easy build! Besides the sawhorse, you will need a jigsaw, drill, plywood, sandpaper and a few other supplies to make this. These types of reindeer Christmas decorations make a big impact for just a little cash!

Wooden Log Reindeer DIY

If you love a natural, more rustic Christmas reindeer, then check out these ideas!

DIY Network’ has a perfect primer for amazing reindeer Christmas decorations for the yard. These DIY log reindeer are super easy to make, and a great way to recycle downed trees. You could even break into the woodpile for the supplies for this project. (Or, a neighbors?) They use dowels to create the legs and neck, and branches for the antlers. They left theirs a bit more rustic with no faces, but you could customize their look any way you want.

Popular Mechanics’ used an old Christmas tree to create these super cute (and easy!) log reindeer, but you could use an old tree you cut down from the yard. Also consider going to a local tree lot or farm and ask them if they have any “reject” trees they might let you have. You just need any saw and drill for this project. Lots of step by step directions.

Rudolph is pretty adorable, right? This log reindeer has so much character! All the directions are over at ‘Steve Freeman’. Ignore his assertion that he hates Christmas… Making something this amazing to make his wife happy is the very meaning of Christmas!

Outdoor Lighted Reindeer Christmas Decorations

This outdoor lighted reindeer from ‘Brooklyn Limestone’ is a little bit of genius. They cut the deer silhouette out of plywood, then used a stake exterior flood light and a red bulb to create the lighted nose. They don’t have a pattern for the deer, but if you read the comments, they give lots of tips on how to draw your own.

Always wanted to see Christmas reindeer fly? Well now you can, and for less than $20! ‘Just Measuring Up’ made their own flying reindeer decorations with sleigh out of cheap plywood and string lights. You need a jigsaw and drill for this project. Tons of great tricks on how to cut the shapes out, how to space the holes for the lights evenly, and how to hang your finished flying outdoor lighted reindeer and sleigh!

If you like these ideas, be sure to check out our post on outdoor Christmas lights for more options that you can buy online!

More DIY Reindeer Decorations

If you want something a little smaller for the porch, then we have you covered…

This reindeer Christmas decoration by ‘The Navage Patch’ is perfect for a porch… What a welcoming sign, right? Made from plywood, a wood frame, and LED fairy lights, this project is a little time consuming, but easy. And look how gorgeous this stunning stag looks! Lots of step by step photos, and they also have plans for similar signs with Christmas trees! If you use this outdoors, make sure the lights you choose are rated for exterior use.

Want just a touch of “reindeer” to tuck into the porch? ‘Re-Fabbed’ made this fun little guy from wood scraps and a glue gun. If you are going to use this outdoors, make sure to give it a good spray with an exterior sealant. Simple Christmas outdoor reindeer for a super quick project that you don’t need power tools for.

Finally, the most adorable reindeer Christmas decoration of them all! This reindeer mailbox is from ‘HGTV’. Made with sisal rope, a glue gun and craft supplies, this guy will make every single person who passes by your home smile, and smile, and smile some more. And your postal worker that delivers to your home? You just made their holiday.

So pull out the jigsaw or the glue gun, and make your own reindeer Christmas decorations for the yard or the porch. And if you are looking to buy outdoor reindeer decorations, check out ‘Wayfair‘ and ‘Amazon‘.

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