We love Christmas. Is there anything better than sparkling outdoor Christmas lights welcoming your friends, family and neighbors? We also love to be just a little bit different. You know, kinda the non conventionalists of our families. :) We figure there might be a few others of you out there who like to be a little unique, so we went out and found some new & awesome Christmas lights for you that are not the everyday seasonal decorations! This is your opportunity to fill your yard with fun holiday lights that you know your next door neighbor isn’t gonna have. And you might want to get on it, Christmas light season is only a few weeks away, and you don’t want these to sell out before you get around to ordering them, right? (Or before your neighbor sees this post!) ‘Cause after all, what’s wrong with some good ole’ Christmas light competition amongst friends? ;) So ask yourself, is my holiday yard going to be the same old thing this year?


New & Trending Outdoor Christmas Lights You're Gonna Want This Year!


Trending Outdoor Christmas Lights For 2021!


Starburst Christmas Lights

We looovvvveeee this starburst Christmas light that we found at ‘Wayfair‘! Two feet across, this twinkling LED light set is made up of branches tipped with a sparkling light. You can bend and arrange these branches into almost any shape you want! But we love them in this star shape.  They also come in white with cool lights.
SHOP IT NOW    (If out of stock, try this gold LED Starburst light from Amazon)


These starburst Christmas lights are the perfect decoration for the holidays! This set of 4 comes in warm, cool and multi, and with a wireless remote control. The lights have 8 different modes and are waterproof. Hang a whole set in your trees or from the eave of your roof! Starburst lights really add such a festive ambiance to any outdoor holiday light display


Christmas Trees With Lights

Love these arch tree lights from ‘West Elm‘. You can use these both indoors or outdoors, and they arch over 90 inches! This would make an amazing holiday entrance to your home. I know we always try to focus our Christmas lights right where guests will be coming up the walk for impact. Anyone who sees this in front of your door will wonder what other kinds of holiday happiness is beyond, and isn’t that what you want? This will last for years, and will become a tradition in your neighborhood for everyone to see!


This LED Christmas tree with 300 lights is over 7 feet tall and the base is more than 2 feet across. This is a really affordable tree option from ‘Wayfair‘. So affordable, you could create a magical holiday forest in your front yard! (My secret Christmas fantasy!) In fact, I might beat you in ordering a few! These would be awesome with animated deer. BTW, the star topper is gorgeous! The lights are multi colored and the tree has eight different effects, and the whole tree is suitable for outdoor use.
SHOP IT NOW    (If out of stock, try this even larger version also from Wayfair)


So whether you live in a tropical place, or just dream of one, this pre lit palm tree from ‘Wayfair‘ may have you planning where to go after the holidays! (Need suggestions? Palm Springs, Bora Bora, Fiji…:)) Made of cast iron, it will stand up to the weather. Seven feet tall and covered with warm LED lights that will burn for 30,000 hours, you know it will work year after year. Did we mention, free shipping? And especially considering the quality materials this Christmas tree with lights is made of, it’s quite affordable!


This five foot tall LED Christmas tree, also from ‘Wayfair‘, comes in gold, red, green and silver. It can be used indoors or out, and comes with a ground stake and a floor base. We love how the tips of each branch sparkle with light! Use this in the yard with a lighted gift box decoration underneath!


LED Christmas String Lights

This 400 LED Christmas string light set from ‘Wayfair‘ is perfect when you want to accent an outdoor wreath, or make a unique impact around a door or window. Each “branch” has little fairy lights attached to the end, giving you a natural but vibrant effect wherever your hang them. Rated for indoor or out, this string light is almost 9 feet long.
SHOP IT NOW    (If out of stock, try these outdoor Christmas cluster lights from Amazon)


This 18 foot long garland of Christmas string lights is perfect for wrapping those porch rails and columns for maximum holiday fanfare. The traditional red and white light scheme means they will go with almost any holiday theme, and you can use them year after year.
SHOP IT NOW (If out of stock, Check Amazon.)


Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights

We love these types of copper wired fairy lights from ‘Amazon‘. They can be bent to wrap around anything and they’re solar outdoor Christmas lights, which means no energy bill! Get a 2 pack of 33 foot long fairy lights in warm or cool white LED. 100% waterproof with 8 modes of operation, including my favorite “Waves”. We used similar sets on our very own DIY Christmas tree with Firefly Lights over at our sister site, OhMeOhMy. (Go check it out! Then come back and buy these before they sell out! They do!)
SHOP IT NOW   (If out of stock, try these.)


These waterdrop string lights are really unique. A 24 foot string with 40 lights, available in warm white, cool white and multicolor.  Did we mention, these are also solar outdoor Christmas lights? Use these in trees, over doorways, off the roof or hanging from a balcony. Love these! Oh, and only around $15!
SHOP IT NOW  (If out of stock, try these at Amazon.)


Animated Christmas Lights

Wanna have the outdoor Christmas lights that make everyone stop and stare? You know, the one that makes kids squeal with delight and their faces light up with holiday happy? Then check out these animated Christmas lights. These elves tossing presents are awesome. LED lights make sure they last for years, and because they are 4 feet tall and 7 feet long, they will get attention. This is one that is worth the investment. IF you love Christmas as much as we think you do, anyway. ;) Free shipping.
SHOP IT NOW   (If out of stock, try this option from Wayfair)


Or maybe the animated Christmas lights of your holiday dreams are more like this? Santa stuck in the chimney is bound to make everyone smile. LED and outdoor rated, 4 1/2 feet tall. The kicking feet animation is so funny on this light set.


Outdoor Christmas Projection & Laser Lights

If climbing up on the roof really isn’t your thing, outdoor Christmas projection lights have become a thing. These snowflake lights are less than $30, and can be used all through the season. Buy a couple and make sure your entire home is bathed in a winter wonderland! They also have a green & red Christmas tree option.


These red & green outdoor Christmas laser lights from ‘Amazon‘, will create a background of seasonal “feels” for any decorations you put out! This set comes with a wireless remote as well. Because it’s LED, it uses 99% less energy than conventional string lights!
SHOP IT NOW (Or if not in stock, try these.)


Share your “Let It Snow” sentiment with swirling snowflakes! This outdoor Christmas projection light does both. You can shine it on a garage door or the side of the house for a simple holiday message. LED lights, and comes with a ground stake.
SHOP IT NOW   (If out of stock, try these projection lights from Amazon.)


Christmas Pathway Lights

Where were these pretty Luminaria sets when Steve and I organized one for our whole neighborhood? (That was 200 homes, BTW…) These lighted Christmas pathway lights are weatherproof, and the LED candles will last more than 25 hours. The plastic “Lumabase” is heavy enough that you don’t need to fill it with sand like with traditional luminaries. I’m ordering a set for our local botanical garden holiday celebration right now! The set of 12 is less than $60.
SHOP IT NOW   (If out of stock, try these Christmas luminary pathway lights from Wayfair)


We love these candy cane Christmas pathway lights. These red and white LED Christmas lights would add such a nice festive glow to your front pathway. Comes in a set of three and each pathway light is 28″ tall. Choose from 8 different lighting functions so you can customize your outside Christmas light display to your taste.

Christmas Pathway Lights


Outdoor Lighted Christmas Decorations

These metal outdoor Christmas light spheres are perfect for hanging off… well anything! They come in 5 different colors and three different sizes. You could hang them from trees or the front porch. Try combining different sizes and colors together. Remember, use odd numbers of items when you group for the most natural look. They also fold flat for storage, and come with a long cord so you can place them farther away from an energy source.
SHOP IT NOW    (If out of stock, try this sphere lighted display from Wayfair or this lighted outdoor globe light Christmas decoration from Amazon)


This neon “Merry Christmas” sign is perfect for outdoor Christmas lighting… It’s almost 7 feet long, so pretty much the only christmas decoration statement your home will need to make with outdoor Christmas lights! Just the right message you want your home to send!
SHOP IT NOW  (If out of stock, try here at Amazon.)


This might be one of our favorite lighted Christmas decorations we’ve seen so far. Ok, well it’s pretty hard to choose, but this is up there! This metal retro truck has red & green twinkle lights, and is backed by a 2 year warranty. There wasn’t any info on the dimensions, so Steve tracked it down with the manufacturer. This outdoor Christmas light decor is 59″ long, 46″ tall and 3″ deep, so you know it is more for a “sign” type effect.
SHOP IT NOW    (If out of stock, try this 36″ Metal Christmas truck decoration, not lighted from Amazon or this one from Michaels.)


Outdoor Lighted Reindeer Decorations

This light up reindeer 3 piece set from Wayfair features sturdy wire frames, ground stakes and clear, warm LED lights. Papa deer is over 5 feet tall, and the fawn is over 3 feet tall, so they are large enough to be a focal point in your yard. Wouldn’t these champagne colored outdoor lighted reindeer with red bows would be a great addition to your outside Christmas light display? What Christmas is complete without reindeer?



Garage Door Christmas Lights

Well the truth is we couldn’t find any specific special Christmas lights that were intended for garage doors. But we did find this awesome Merry Christmas garage door mural with Christmas lights around it on the frame of the garage opening. You can get this mural at Wayfair, installation is easy and can be reused and stored for multiple seasons. The Christmas lights around the frame of the door adds that extra sparkle to your outside display!

Garage Door Christms Lights

We hope you found some unique outdoor Christmas lights here that will make your home win any holiday lighting competition (Either real, or… well, we know how it is. :)) Find more outdoor Christmas lights to choose from at all price points at ‘Wayfair’, most with free shipping!

If you are looking for basic Christmas lighting supplies for your home, we found the best value seems to be ‘Walmart‘. You can get everything from string lights to line the edge of your roofline, all the way to the little hooks to hold the lights.

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