We love good garden inspiration. And we love flowers. Put ’em together, and you have fantastic flower beds, ready to make you run to the nursery or pull out those catalogs! So salivate over these photos, take some tips from design pros, and start learning how to plant flower beds!



Fantastic Flower Beds!


How to Plant Flower Beds

In this flower garden  from ‘HGTV‘, you can see that while the plants themselves seem a cottage garden jumble, this is actually a more formal garden design. Why? The hard lines of the hardscaping and the repeating pants within the bed are your clues. Just remember this if you have a garden you want to add a little “properness” too!



Need some spring flower bed inspiration? These two inspriational photos are full of tulips. This first one used a complimentary color scheme of blue and yellow, for a more calming and minimal feel.

fantasical flower beds 4


For a little more energy, use warmer colors mixed with some perennials for your flower beds. The plants will fill in as the tulips fade to cover and distract from the browning foliage.

fantasical flower beds 3


Have shrubbery or evergreen foundation plantings that are just boring? Add bright and happy colors in front of the shrub bed to create some fantastic energy! Keep the texture of the flower bed in contrast to the foliage. For instance, in this photo, the daylilies have strappy, coarse foliage and are contrasted nicely with fine textured, small flowers. This keeps things interesting!

fantasical flower beds 2


These traditional style flower beds from ‘Houzz’ show us that when using a lot of bright color, a pop of white will keep things grounded. Green will accomplish the same thing.



This informal flower bed from ‘BHG‘ is a great example of using layers in your plantings… You see more greenery and height in the back, working forward to shorter and brighter flowers. This is great design approach when learning how to plant flower beds. I love the curved shape of this garden, it gives it a casual feel.



Now a couple from Pinterest… If anyone knows the source of these photos, please let us know!

This first Pinterest pick is a great example of using a color theme, and it’s my fav! Blues and pinks are a romantic and still colorful choice… If you want to tone it down, add white or grey!



Another amazing example of that color scheme, but this “River” of grape hyacinths from Pinterest is a show stopper! It wouldn’t be the same without the pink and white tulips. They visually slow you down, and add a little punch, but don’t take away from the mass of blue!



Ok, leaving the most fantastic for last… This is Chrissie D’Esopo’s garden, courtesy the ‘Connecticut Horticultural Society‘, photo by Steve Silk. She opened her home up for a garden tour for charity, and it is AMAZING. Have you ever seen such a colorful and uplifting garden? Nothing more to say about this flower bed, but WOW!



Now that you have learned how to plant flower beds that are fabulous, are you running for the car, complete with gardening gloves so you can load up as soon as you get to the nursery? I’d like to tell you to slow down, take your time and think your flower beds through… but I’m already out the door. :) When you get back, make sure you check out our posts on How to Grow English Roses, and Classic Lawn Edging Ideas!


Image Credits: HGTV, Houzz, BHG, Pinterest, Pinterest, Connecticut Horticultural Society


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  1. Mary s. August 30, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    I have always enjoyed seeing the E’sopo garden which was featured in one of my many gardening magazines. I thought I would search Google to see if the article was still available and I came across this story regarding an incident that occurred during one of the tours Ms. E’sopo held. It’s rather sad but we should be aware of what can occur even when you’re enjoying the surroundings and sharing your hard work with people.

  2. Linda Reiff June 21, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    what are the flowers in Chrissie’s garden, an what does she do to keep that gorgeous color ALL SUMMER LONG??

  3. Fabienne March 6, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    These are BEAUTIFUL gardens! There are many people without green thumbs. Sad but true. Take Heart! There are so many sites to learn tips, and though I do not have any stock in Miracle Grow products, they help grow pretty flowers! Good Luck, and Happy Spring Gardening America!

  4. susan griffin April 2, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    I love all the colors,but I have trouble weeding and fertilize every thing grass wins


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