If you are anything like us, you have a love / hate relationship with your garbage cans. Yes, we all need them. But we also hate the way they look in our yard and garden. So if you have “trashy” looking garbage cans, storage ideas like these are exactly what you need! DIY your own garbage can sheds, screens and cover ups using these step by step tutorials. Garbage can storage was never so easy!

Garbage Can Storage Ideas

Trash Can Storage Screens

Our first pick for garbage can storage is this modern and minimal trash can screen from ‘DIY Network‘. We love the deep charcoal color they painted this. Not only does it make it look like a high end fence, it fades it’s “purpose” into the background a bit. Easy to follow tutorial with complete supply list.

If you want a more rustic look, try this garbage can storage screen from ‘Build Something‘. This was originally designed to hide an AC unit, but who is to say you can’t hide trash cans instead? Again, an easy to follow tutorial makes this a fast DIY project.

Another more modern solution to garbage can storage, this DIY from ‘A Beautiful Mess‘ is light and bright. This one fades right into the background with their home, you don’t even notice that it hides trash cans! Be sure to go check out all their photos so you can see for yourself what a good job this does disguising that garbage!

Get these free garbage can storage plans for this way cool DIY from ‘Home Made by Carmona‘.  This solution to hide a trash can is just so pretty! And easy!

Sugar Sugar House‘ made this amazing cedar outdoor garbage can enclosure for the front of their home. You would never know what’s behind it! Also, since they made it with cedar, it will stand up well to the elements. We also love how they integrated this into the front of the house by adding the house numbers, making it look like a part of the home. Love this! They even have a short video on how to make this project.

Everyday Laura‘ made this DIY trash can storage screen from fence boards! Easy and effective, this one can be done by a beginner.

Garbage Can Sheds

If you want to keep out water or animals, maybe you will want to build a DIY garbage can shed instead. This is just like building a trash can enclosure, except it has a roof and is totally closed in. Our first choice is this garbage can storage shed from ‘100 Things 2 Do‘. The hinged lid on top makes it easy to get into, but prevents someone from “accidentally” leaving the door open and every stray dog in town strewing trash over your yard.

Walker Do’s‘ also has a video on how to build a garbage can enclosure. Detailed instructions make this a fast build. Perfect garbage can storage idea!

Other Garbage Can Storage Ideas

If you don’t want to build something to create garbage can storage, no problem. Use plants! Arborvitae are an evergreen upright shrub that are relatively fast growing and make a great hedge. Photo by ‘KG Landscape‘.

So hopefully that “trashy” look outside your home is a goner! Try these garbage can storage ideas and hide that trash can! We think you will also want to jump right on over to our posts on Easy DIY Firewood Racks . You also may want to jump on over to our sister site, OhMeOhMy and check out our post on How to Hide Outdoor Eyesores!


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  2. Max White January 10, 2019 at 6:49 pm

    I note the arbor vitae barrier to the garbage can. MUST mention a fact that my daughter learned the hard way. These popular-with-landscaper plants are VERY flammable. They emit an oil easily ignited. I will be interested in your and your followers input. I’m in Oregon.

    Glad I signed up. –max


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