If you’re looking for gardening gift ideas for your plant parent friends (or family), you’re in the right place. Whether your sister is a house plant freak or your uncle grows his own veggies every year, we found something cool for each one of them. None of these are expensive, so get ready to finally get a gift they will love! We all could use some present points, right? So check out these awesome gifts for garden lovers in our gardening gift guide – full of ideas so amazing, you will want them for yourself!



Best Gardening Gift Ideas

Although we don’t know anyone who would spit in your face if you showed up at their door with an ordinary houseplant, let’s take things up a notch, shall we? These are the best gardening gift ideas we found that have some serious cool factor, for any garden lover. Maybe we are a little plant nerdy. But hey, you probably are too, or else why would you be reading this! So order one for a gift, and another for yourself. Cause who are we kidding? Self care, right? ;)

Some of the trendiest houseplants these days need support, so we love these brass plant stakes from ‘Rejuvenation’. And they add a bit of sparkle. A gardening gift idea with style! They are a set of three, are solid brass and come with free shipping.  | SHOP IT


These concrete planter pots ship for free in a set of two, and are the perfect size for a new houseplant mom or dad. These are neutral but not boring, and we love that they are both a little different from each other. | SHOP IT


This handwoven seagrass belly basket comes in three different sizes. It’s inexpensive, and yet it so pretty! The perfect accompaniment to that ordinary houseplant we mentioned a while back. :) | SHOP IT


Ok, stop it. The Ikea greenhouse is table top size, and on the “want” list of almost every garden lover we know. You can order it online?  Done. | SHOP IT


Mid century modern planters are the thing. Here is a floor planter that is 18 inches tall, made of durable and lightweight fiberglass, and is in a high end matte white finish. Love it! We’re thinking we need one of these for the front entryway… | SHOP IT


These goatskin leather gardening gloves are for men or women,  and is the type of cool gardening gift idea that will last forever. These are heritage gifts, my friends. And if you don’t have a pair of good leather gardening gloves yet yourself, what are you waiting for? The toughest rose bush around couldn’t get through these babies. | SHOP IT


The Whitney Tapered Planter comes in two sizes and four colors. It’s a ceramic pot that is frost resistant, so can be a well loved gift for both indoor and outdoor garden lovers. Again, when giving a gift, it always helps to choose something neutral, and this is. | SHOP IT


This three tier foldable plant stand is about the prettiest thing we’ve seen in awhile. You can’t beat anything gold! This comes in two sizes. | SHOP IT


Ok, if your garden loving friends have just gotten bitten by the bug, they may be in need of some plant pets. No problem, ’The Sill’ has you covered with their plant parent set. You can choose from 3, 5 or 7 plants to be shipped right to their (your?) door. Ok, maybe your friends aren’t the only ones who may need some plant pets?  | SHOP IT


Vertical gardens are the perfect way for someone short on space to live their best gardening life. This hanging wall garden is made from felt, and has 36 pockets for plants. Better yet? There is a lifetime guarantee for it!  | SHOP IT


Ok, we all have had those less than stellar garden tools from the discount store. :( Quality tools are an awesome gardening gift idea, because they will get used. Over, and over again. These titanium pruners will be in a gardeners tool kit for years.  | SHOP IT


If you need a gift for a garden lover that has a Boho or mid century vibe, then this is it. The color blocking of this macrame plant hanger from ’The Sill’ makes it unique, and special enough to make a great gift. Comes in five color choices.  | SHOP IT


Ok, in love with this Hay watering can. Love. It’s shaped so that water weight stays at the bottom, to make it easier to water hanging or high placed plants. A no spill lip and large size make it a perfect gift.  | SHOP IT


There is a reason the Croc Clog is the classic gardeners shoe. It’s weatherproof, has great traction, washes clean with a spray of the hose, slip on and off easily… we could go on. | SHOP IT


Lastly, no gardener can get by without a supply of good, grippy garden gloves. We love these because not only do they fit well (4 sizes) and protect your hands, they make working in the yard easy with the latex coating. Set of 2 pair. Also, the company guarantees satisfaction!  | SHOP IT


Bonus gardening gift idea : Ok, I want this. I want this so much. Plant lovers, these are the kinds of things that help us dream all winter, waiting for that day we can plant the first seed, or watch that first new shoot emerge. And gift givers? Your garden loving friends will love you for giving them this. This DIY miniature Dollhouse Greenhouse set is magical. | SHOP IT

Gardening Gift Ideas

These are our best gardening gift ideas for garden lovers and plant parents. (And that means you, too!) Be sure to check out our posts on 10 Must Have Plant Subscription Boxes and Best Low Light Indoor Houseplants then jump on over to our post on 18 Chic & Unique Home Decor Gift Ideas over at TBD!

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