We love our garden space to be a little unique, a little creative, and a lot DIY! And we love updating our outdoor projects with new and better garden ideas. If you feel a little bored with having nothing to do outside except water flowers and pull weeds, then let’s fix that right now. We rounded up our favorite new DIY garden ideas & projects to help you turn your outdoor space into exactly what you want out of it.  So pick one or two of these garden projects to get started on. (We’re betting you will be back for more!)




We are in love with this concrete DIY fountain from ‘Lowes‘. We love to work with concrete ourselves (See our DIY Concrete Garden Globes!) because it’s cheap, easy, and looks amazing. And who doesn’t want the sounds of water in their backyard?


Curbly‘ has a full step by step tutorial on how to make their modern wood DIY planter. We love this garden project! And if you want to check out our version, jump on over to our post DIY Modern Outdoor Planters.


Make this awesome and amazing DIY outdoor bench with free plans and instructions from ‘Ana White‘. The modern feel of this bench looks so high end! And yep, you can make this. If you want other garden ideas for seating, check out our post on DIY outdoor storage benches!


From ‘BHG‘, add a little color to your DIY garden projects with this trellis vertical garden. This is so easy, and a great way to add plants and flowers in an unexpected space. And once again, if you need more ideas, visit our post on DIY chic and easy garden trellis projects!


Lucy at ‘Hunker‘ is showing us how to make this driftwood succulent DIY planter. If you are like us and have jumped on board the sedum and succulent trend train, this is a perfect garden idea for you! Easy tutorial, and you need very few supplies. You could also do this in an old wood log for a more rustic look.


Jessica at ‘Garvin & Co.‘ made these DIY copper planters for less than $20! I would use these on the patio during the warm season, then bring them indoors when it gets cold. I wouldn’t want to waste all that prettiness by not enjoying them year round! (You will never guess what her secret for the copper is!)


Urban Gardener’s Republic‘ made a DIY vertical garden from Ikea containers. These types of garden containers are  great DIY garden ideas for anyone with a small garden space or who wants to grow herbs or veggies on the patio. We also used some  Ikea containers in building our DIY plant wall!


If you aren’t already a reader of ‘Garden Collage Magazine‘, we hope you will be after this! Try their DIY succulent centerpiece for the perfect accessory on your patio table all season long. It doesn’t get much easier than this.


Are you seeing a theme here with succulents? Probably because they are trendy, tough, and gorgeous! Try this easy DIY succulent address planter from ‘Sarah Hearts‘. This is a creative DIY garden project! The kind I would love to make! And if you want to learn more, check out our post on DIY Sedum & Succulent Planters!


Ok, another benefit of growing succulents in your garden? It’s super easy to turn one plant into dozens! Succulents are one of the few plants where you can grow a new plant just from a  leaf or branch.  Stephanie from ‘Garden Therapy ‘ shows us how to propagate succulents!


Here is another garden idea – a fountain project from ‘Lowes‘. This one would be great tucked into a garden space right off a seating area, so you can hear the water and see the fountain. Or you could use it right on a patio, and surround the base with smaller potted plants to give it a lush, water garden feel. Easy to find supplies for this project.


Trisha on ‘Hunker‘ shows you how to make this copper pipe garage organizer. Ok, maybe this isn’t a project for the garden, but its definitely for the gardener! This would be great if you use your potting shed as a ‘She Shed‘ as well. Everything should be pretty!


Last we have this one hour DIY garden project from ‘House & Fig‘. This up cycled washing machine drum turned DIY fire pit is amazing!

diy upcycled firepit

There you have it, The Garden Glove’s favorite new DIY garden ideas and projects!  What have you found this week that’s garden fabulous? Share in comments!  We think you will also love our posts on DIY Soothing Garden Fountains and DIY Rain Chains!



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  1. Alice September 7, 2018 at 2:33 pm

    looking for easy steps on e hill to my shed. I have to use a cane and sometimes a walker, any ideas Thank you

  2. Polly February 10, 2016 at 8:16 am

    I love the bottle wall, but I wish they would include the information on how to make it


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