We’ve seen pallets turned into about every DIY project possible, and it’s good… they are cheap or free, we recycle when we create a pallet project, and I just love the organic feel to such a simple thing. My favorite use of pallets however, is DIY pallet planter boxes. They just fit in a garden, ya know? There are things you need to know about using pallets to make planters, including how to find ones that are safe. So here we have ten great pallet planter tutorials, along with tips, tricks and warnings for using this type of wood.

DIY Pallet Planter Box Projects & Ideas

How to Find Safe Pallet Wood

Some pallet wood is impregnated with chemicals to keep the wood from rotting, and that’s something you have to be aware of. Especially if you are going to grow vegetables or herbs in your pallet planters, or have them around kids and pets. This article from ‘Hunker‘ tells you how to tell if your pallet wood has been treated and if it’s safe to use. Ideally, you are looking for pallets that have been treated with heat only.

DIY Planter Boxes

Twelve on Main‘ takes us through their DIY pallet planter tutorial step by step. With tons of how-to photos, learn how to deconstruct your pallet, then rebuild it into this gorgeous planter box! A little rustic, and little modern farmhouse, these are so pretty!

You can create a hanging DIY pallet planter just as easily (maybe more so!) with this tutorial from ‘Saved by Love Creations‘!

Want a pallet planter that you can make, that is just a little different? Try these triangle planter boxes from ‘Love Create Celebrate‘! Here is another tutorial with tons of step by step photos, making this a super easy project even for beginners!

The Junq Drawer‘ made these super easy, distressed DIY pallet planter boxes in a fresh and pretty white. Instructions for making them without the distressed finish as well.

Cassie Fairy‘ made this pretty pallet planter / privacy screen with just a couple of pallets and some simple tools. You could put this on casters to make it portable, too.

If you want a professional looking planter that looks like it cost you big bucks, you can’t go wrong with the free plans from ‘Ana White‘. Her planter boxes are made from simple free pallet wood! (She even has a video!)

Pallet Planter Ideas

This herb planter box from ‘Ideal Home‘ is a super simple project… you don’t even need power tools! You could plant this with herbs, veggies, strawberries, or flowers. Sedums?

pallet planter with various labeled herbs

Garden Therapy‘ has their own version of this vertical pallet planter, and it also does not require power tools!

Ruffled Blog‘ used one of these very pallet planters for a wedding backdrop! So pretty with flowers and foliage!

Our last project is another super easy one. While a drill might be helpful, no saws needed. ‘Play At Home Teacher‘ made this planter by attaching jam jars to it. It’s so charming, and her instructions are nice and easy.

So if you want to get started making things for your garden, making a DIY pallet planter box is a good project for beginners. And then you will want to check out our post on DIY Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas and DIY Raised Planter Boxes. Also check out Budget Outdoor Planter Projects and Dollar Tree Organization Ideas & Hacks over at TBD!

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  1. Jacob May 8, 2017 at 4:05 am

    Wow…really great ideas I never knew existing, going to try attaching pots to the palets looks cute ^^

  2. Olga Morozova September 28, 2015 at 9:54 am

    These are great planter ideas, but where do you get your pallets? I see pallet ideas all the time but I don’t know where you can get them for free and I don’t want to accidentally steal them. I’ll have to ask around so I can try that one with the painted bottles!

    1. Kathy Woodard October 14, 2015 at 4:02 pm

      You definitely need to ask, but we see them behind businesses all the time…This is especially effective if there is a local business you deal with a lot. When you have a relationship with someone, often they will save them for you!

    2. Ann January 8, 2017 at 11:07 am

      Check craigslist! I found an ad from a tile business that was giving away pallets because they had too many stacked up. Home Depot has to return theirs to corporate. Also check local feed stores. I found one in my area that sells them for $3 simply to get rid of them. The broken ones they give away.

  3. kimberly grimes August 16, 2014 at 6:52 am

    Does anyone know what grows best or optimal growth on top of blackberry vines that have been in overgrowth for 30 years? We just cleared 8 acres of 15 ft high blackberry overgrowth and how to make a single wide mobile home ,sitting on homestead, look like a container home. Yes I have a lovely view but tje 56×14 mobile home is hard on the eyes


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