Ok, we get it. It’s the age of the podcast. We might have been a touch slow to jump on the train, but once we discovered gardening podcasts, our whole world changed. I mean, literally, you can listen to people talk about gardening anytime. And not just while you are commuting, or on a road trip. But when your trick knee is keeping you out of the dahlia patch, or the season has gotten quiet, or when you are just tired. Right? ‘Cause even us super dedicated gardeners have those days. Where you still love, adore, and worship your garden space… But you are just too tired from life to deal with actual gardening. Shhh… we won’t tell anyone. But whenever any of those situations occur, or you just want to learn from some of the most experienced gardeners around, check out this list and listen to some of the best gardening podcasts for anyone, beginner to advanced.


Gardening Podcasts

‘A Way to Garden’ Podcast

Margaret Roach is a world renown gardening expert who’s ‘A Way to Garden‘ podcast is one of the most popular in the world. She covers everything from garden design to upkeep, trees to vegetables, even recipes for what you grow! She has famous gardener guests on a regular basis, including Ken Druse! Plus, the shows are only 25 minutes long, so easy to fit into small slots of time. Margaret was the former garden editor for Martha Stewart Living and Newsday, and has numerous awards for her books and podcast.


Joe Gardener Podcast

If you are looking for a gardening podcast with a focus on organic practices, then check out ‘The Joe Gardener Show‘. Joe Lamp’l is a former DIY Network show host, and hosts his own PBS series on living in a greener world. He also offers online gardening courses, free guides and videos on his website.


Fine Gardening Podcast

If you don’t already know about Fine Gardening Magazine, run, don’t walk to your bookstore or online media provider. One of the preeminent gardening publications, there is something for everyone in every single issue. The photography is gorgeous, the information is superseded by few… But I digress. They also have a free gardening podcast called ‘Let’s Argue About Plants‘. The editors (and guests!) entertain and educate about all things plants.


Gardening for Beginners Podcast

If you are a beginning gardener, you may not have time to read the hundreds of books out there designed to help you get started. No worries, because Jill McSheehy is in her fifth season of ‘The Beginners Garden Podcast‘, just for you! Plus, she has free downloads and worksheets to get, and keep you on track with your gardening goals. This is one of the best gardening podcasts for those just starting on their journey.


BBC Gardeners World Podcast

BBC’s Gardener’s World Podcast‘ has different guest hosts each episode, including Monty Don and Alan Titchmarsh. Topics include everything from sustainable gardening, design, wildlife, to gardening with a disability.


Gardening with Cisco

So if you live in the Pacific Northwest like we do, Ciscoe Morris is your hero. He has been the face on the evening news in Seattle for 30 years that always has advice for why your lilacs aren’t blooming, or how to save water in the garden. And he is funny. Like really, quirky, funny. His fans are as fond of him as they are of their grandmothers rose bushes. In fact, our prize Monstera is named after Ciscoe. He has written two best-selling books, and if you want to smile and learn everything about growing gardens, and having fun, then you need to check out ‘Gardening with Ciscoe‘.


Epic Gardening Podcast

If you are looking for a gardening podcast that is short, but packs a punch, then ‘Epic Gardening‘ might be for you…10 minute episodes, where Kevin answers a readers question. You can even send him a voice message of your question! His goal is to teach 10 million people around the world to grow plants. And, he’s an expert in hydroponics, too!

So if you are looking for the perfect gardening podcast while your leg cast heals, or the snow melts, or just cause the sun went down, then check out these first. Need a way to listen? The most popular are Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify, but there are tons of others. We think you also might want to check out 10 Must Have Plant Subscription Boxes and 15 Gardening Gifts (You’ll Want for Yourself!) Then check out 11 Simple DIY Macrame Plant Hangers at TBD and 13 Indoor Plant Shelf Ideas over at OhMeOhMy!


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