9 DIY Cool & Creative Patio Floor Ideas

If it’s finally time for a new patio, or to redo the old one, there are lots of cool options other than just boring concrete! These 9 creative patio floor ideas can be done without a contractor, and can be done in weekend. All of them transform your space into an outdoor room worth showing off! It doesn’t matter if your patio surface has seen better days, or if you are just bored with it… try one of these projects. Our feature photo below, is from ‘Coates Design‘ in Seattle. These are simply oversized pavers laid in a bed of sand, then filled with decorative gravel.

Creative patio floors-1

If you would like to get a full tutorial on how to build a paver patio, then ‘Young House Love’ has it for you! Lot’s of pics, and good instruction that can be adapted for several different looks, including the more modern look above.

Creative patio floors-2


Same technique, different material! This side yard patio features circular pavers of different sizes set in a random pattern. From ‘Mod Frugal‘.

Creative patio floors-3


Don’t want to pay for all those pavers? Not a problem. We found this reusable plastic mold from ‘Quikrete‘ that allows you to create pavers (on sand, like above) with concrete mix and these molds.

DIY Cool & Creative Patio Flooring Ideas 01


Want a more traditional “feels like it’s been here forever” look? Then learn how to build a brick patio from ‘HGTV’.

Creative patio floors-5


Can you tell this technique we’ve been featuring so far is pretty much “the thing”? Here is another option for a Modern Mid-century look using these decorative concrete blocks laid on their sides. From ‘Fresh Digs‘.

Creative patio floors-7


So if you already have a concrete patio, but you don’t want to have to tear it out (NOT fun and NOT a one day deal!) then you have options. ‘Home Depot’ shows us how to lay deck flooring over a concrete patio. Looks amazing! You have to jump on over and see the finished project.

Creative patio flooring-8


Want a modern, clean look? ‘Build Direct’ has these interlocking deck tiles that do the job, again, right over existing concrete!

Creative patio flooring-8-1

Creative patio flooring-10


Lastly, you could use recycled Envirotile to recover your patio, from ‘Home Depot‘ They even have a tutorial on installing the tile for you!

Creative patio flooring-11

Image Credits: Coates Design, Young House Love, Modfrugal, Quikrete, HGTV, Fresh Digs, Home Depot, Build Direct, Home Depot




  1. These are definitely worth sharing concrete patio floor ideas! I’ve been working in the concrete industry for years now, and most people love stamped concrete patios. Well, I can’t blame them because it’s not only aesthetically appealing but also durable and long-lasting.
    By the way, hiring a licensed contractor to do your patio project is smarter!

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Hi Kathy, great ideas! I am really liking the circular pavers, thanks for posting!

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