Holiday Light Globe Hack

Holiday Light Globe Hack

Ok, I know you can buy just about any type of holiday lighted shape, object or animal these days, but what if you could do it simple, and from things you may already have around the house? We created this holiday light globe hack with wire baskets from the garden shed, ($5 at Home Depot!) some floral wire, and white mini lights. Make sure if you’re putting this globe outdoors that you buy lights approved for outdoor use. Oh, and make sure all your lights are UL listed, ok? We don’t need any of you burning down the garage ‘cause you saved $2 at a swap meet. :)

Holiday Light Globe Hack


So this is really simple.

Holiday Light Globe Hack


1. Wire two wire hanging baskets together to make a globe shape. We used floral wire as shown below.

Holiday Light Globe Hack


2. Wrap the globe with white lights. We did a little wire tie every 12 inches or so, just to make sure it all stayed in place. Use your own judgement, you may not need them at all! We used 2, 100 light strings.

Holiday Light Globe Hack

Holiday Light Globe Hack


3. Hang with the same chain and hardware that came with the hanging baskets! We attached the hooks near where the end of the lights came out, so that the cord could run up the chains and be more hidden.


We hung ours off the eaves of the house, but we think they would look cool laying in the garden as giant “Snowballs” too…. Different sizes? You could have fun with this! Line the front walk with glowing globes?

Holiday Light Globe Hack

Holiday Light Globe Hack


We were inspired by these lighted globes from ‘BHG‘… We discovered those large grapevine spheres are not only hard to find, but pretty expensive even in small sizes… Hence, the hack! How’d we do?



Holiday Light Globe Hack




  1. Love this! Great tutorial, pinned!

  2. This is just brilliant! Amazing holiday light and just perfect for outdoor decoration.

  3. Karen Jones says:

    Brilliant!!! I’ve been shopping for weeks to find something affordable. I’m going to do several in different sizes if I can find them and hang them from tree branches. They would look great all year long. Thanks so much!!

  4. Hi

    I have just done one like this from barb wire! Wish I can post the pic!

  5. Ursula Chappell says:

    love love this Idea see it all the time in my area (NC) now I know how to do it!

  6. And it plugs in how??? And the ones in the snow plug in how??

    • Kathy Woodard says:

      As we mentioned int he post, we ran the cord along the chain… We then pugged it into an outdoor outlet. The one int eh snow would be plugged into an outdoor rated extension cord like most holiday decorations! Hope this helps!

  7. We struggled to make these as a gift. This would be so much easier! Will make some for ourselves for next year. Thanks!

  8. I am assuming this is plugged into an outside outlet. I don’t see any wire. Could you also use battery powered lights?

  9. My husband and I made the lighted “globes” that you make with chicken wire-what a pain in the neck getting them round!! We used up all of the chicken wire we had and everyone that saw them commented how good they look. We wanted to make more but swore not to do any more with the chicken wire-I just showed him your idea using the wire baskets-now we’ll make more for sure-looks much simpler. Thanks for the great idea!!!

  10. Thanks for the good idea!! Year around on my patio!!!

  11. These are very lovely. Are those solar bulbs then? I didn’t see a note about plugging these in. I’ll be getting the supplies in time for a New Year’s gathering. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Heather Varley says:

    Gave all the materials to my daughter in law for her birthday and my son made it up.We just used solar powered lights easy as. Great idea

  13. Ozark Grandma says:

    How could I make this into a star to use for Christmas outdoor decoration? I have some used wire baskets, but trying to think how to transform into a start shape???

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