We’re all looking for more family fun, right? And who doesn’t want to get outdoors whenever possible? These awesome and easy sidewalk chalk art ideas will not only keep you and the kids busy for hours, you can take amazing photos of your kids to save forever! BTW… totally Instagrammable. ;)  These chalk drawings can turn into a project for anyone at any age. You can do these in the privacy of your own driveway, or take to the public sidewalks to share your sidewalk chalk art with your whole neighborhood. Include a positive written message, or just let the chalk drawings stand on their own to lift spirits, motivate people, and excite kids and parents, even grandparents! So check out all the amazing chalk art ideas we found, and get started making your outdoor world a prettier place. Read all the way to the bottom for tips on how to draw with chalk too!


20 Easy Sidewalk Chalk Art Ideas for Everyone to Try


Sidewalk Chalk Art Ideas


Easy Chalk Art for Families

Take your little ones (or big ones!) under the sea with this sidewalk chalk art idea! The drawing itself is simple, but just note they used several different shades of the same color to shade and highlight. Layering is one of the keys to a great chalk drawing!


The next three chalk art drawings are from ‘Burgh Baby’. These are amazing! Take the tips at the end of this post to help you recreate these awesome family portraits!




These two chalk art ideas are from ‘Happy Hughes’ (unfortunately this blog doesn’t exist anymore). We love the fact that the butterfly drawing can be done quickly, but with amazing impact.



Here is a really simple chalk art idea that anyone can do, but is really fun! Tweens and teens might even let you take their picture with this! From ‘The Art of Education’.


Need a cool way to celebrate your kiddo’s big day? Try this awesome chalk drawing! Source unknown.


Your littlest ones will love doing this too! From ‘Honeysuckle House’ (blog doesn’t exist anymore).


Ok, are you ready for the experts of the sidewalk chalk art world? ‘A Journey with the Johnsons’ has an entire gallery of chalk art ideas for you! We’ve picked out favorite five here to feature, but be sure to jump on over to their site and get more inspiration! We love their chalk drawings. So simple and so fun!






Cool Chalk Drawings to Aspire To!

From Instagrammer Capn_awesome77, these two chalk art drawings are the perfect example of what you can do when you practice!



Make your chalk art into an awesome holiday card, like ‘Carole Tate’ did!


Need a fun day in the sun? Source unknown.


How to Draw With Chalk

  • Sweep the whole area clear of rocks and dirt.
  • Get yourself a kneeling pad, and a pad to lean on with your opposite hand.
  • Use a pencil sketch or photos or computer art to help you with your chalk drawing.
  • Create a grid with a light line of chalk you can erase later. This will help you keep perspective in more complex designs.
  • Start with an outline. Then work inside one grid square at a time.
  • Use light and dark versions of the same color to create shading.
  • Use your fingers to blend for the most realistic effect.
  • Work in layers, from dark to light when possible. Make highlights your last layer.
  • If you need a bolder color from your chalk, get it wet. It will wear down faster, but you will get a much more vivid color.
  • Keep baby wipes on hand to correct mistakes.
  • When your sidewalk chalk art is finished, take a paint brush and a cup of water and gently paint over each section of color. This will blend the chalk together and create a better finish. Be careful not to blend different colors together or to blend out detail.


Where To Buy Chalk

Probably the easiest and best place to buy sidewalk chalk is Amazon. They have a huge selection and most are prime and free shipping. Our favorite is the Joyin 120 Pack Non-toxic Jumbo Washable sidewalk chalk set. Or, check out the homemade options below.


Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Recipe

If you want to know how to make homemade sidewalk chalk, then check out the recipe by ‘I Heart Naptime’ over at ‘One Good Thing by Jillee‘.


Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe

If you prefer a paint for your chalk drawing, then try this sidewalk chalk paint recipe from ‘Raising Memories’.


Sidewalk chalk art is a great way to play with art, without taking it too seriously, until you do. Then you will just get better with every chalk drawing you do! Use these ideas to create your own masterpieces, and make some awesome memories! We think you will also love our posts on DIY Backyard Games, DIY Outdoor Playsets, and Phone Games to Play with Friends, over at our sister site, OhMeOhMy!

P.S. We try very hard to properly attribute photos to their correct sources… if you see something here that is not properly attributed to a blogger or photographer, please let us know so we can correct it!

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