Is there anything more iconic in a garden then the gate that leads you inward to the secrets that Mother Nature has inside? Garden gates welcome a visitor in a way no mere pathway can. And yes, they can serve a purpose too. Whether you need to close in a fenced backyard, hide an unattractive side yard space, or just want to add a point of entrance to your garden, you can learn how to build a gate. Try these gorgeous DIY garden gate ideas & projects that prove anyone can make their own!



How to Build a Garden Gate

DIY Gorgeous Garden Gates


Check out all these gorgeous DIY garden gates!

We love this tutorial from Liz at ‘Smart Girls DIY‘. She walks you through the steps on how to attach it to your existing fence, and how to figure all the measurements. I would love this one as a stand alone entrance to my garden!


From ‘Two Feet First‘, learn how to build a gate, and add a pergola! Another one that would be an amazing entry point to your backyard.


From Scott at ‘Saws on Skates‘, this is one of the easiest DIY garden gates you can make! He made this from a section of picket fence from the home improvement store. Lots of step by step photos. Love the entrance sign on the gate.


This DIY garden gate and trellis were made from old salvaged pallet wood from Michelle at ‘Blue Roof Cabin‘. So charming! Look for the link to the gate only instructions in the second paragraph.


Want another DIY garden gate made from old pallet wood? Learn how to build this gate from Donna at ‘Funky Junk‘. Pretty awesome, right? Don’t you just want to go inside and have some lemonade?


From ‘This Old House‘, this freestanding DIY gate would look amazing at the entrance to a front garden as well.


Diane at ‘Hometalk‘ shared another DIY garden gate idea for a gate made with pallet boards. There is also a find from a 200 year old barn in this project. And we are lovin’ on the color!


Another colorful one, learn how to make a wooden gate DIY from ‘The Inadvertent Farmer‘. We love the curved feature on this garden gate!


Want to have a gorgeous gate like this one? Then jump on over to ‘Mother Earth News‘ and learn how to build a rustic gate with branches. Photo by ‘Country Living‘.


Build a gate from twigs and branches with this tutorial from ‘Lowes‘. The cedar frame will make it last, with branches that add charm!


Want something more modern? Yea, us too! So next try this modern DIY gate from ‘My Mid Century Modern Life‘.


From ‘BHG Australia‘ is another modern one, learn to build this side garden DIY gate.


Need to close off a side yard to keep the pets or kids in? Try this outdoor DIY gate idea from ‘Yellow Brick Home‘.


Want a cool story? Go read, “how a girl built a gate” and see how Christy at ‘Confessions of a Serial DIY’er‘ made this happen! Love the metal grate!


And… saved our fav for last. Have you ever been to a Asian garden where they had a “moon gate”? They have a spiritual significance, and they are stunning. I. Want. One. And I searched for hours trying to find you all a tutorial… and, finally, I did it. From ‘DIY Network‘, watch this video on how to build a pergola moon gate. The use of sandwiched plywood is genius since buying a moon gate can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. You can find kits if you want a solution somewhere in between. But really, don’t you want a DIY garden gate that looks like this? Photo by ‘Elven Gates‘.

DIY Gorgeous Garden Gates

Did you fall in love with these DIY garden gate ideas & projects like we did? We think you might also want to jump on over to our post on DIY Pergolas and  DIY floating decks too!



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  2. Ila Varma December 20, 2017 at 1:56 am

    Loved the ideas of DIY wooden gates and would love to try one for my home and give a new look. The branches and the moon gate appealed to me the most. Thanks for wonderful ideas.


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