It’s gift-giving season! We all love to pick out the perfect gift for those we care about most, but sometimes that can be tricky! While I can’t help you find a gift for your tech-obsessed cousin or sports fanatic uncle, I can certainly find some must-have gardening gifts for the green thumbed friends in your life! Even if you are a gardener yourself, thinking of gifts for gardener friends of yours can be tough- especially if they’re the type to have everything they already need. So that’s where this gift guide comes in! This year, we also have a downloadable version, so if you’d rather see this as an e-book, click here.

Christmas gifts for gardeners

As gardeners, we know the right tools and equipment can make a huge difference in our gardening journey. The right tools can save time, lessen your load, and improve your results. But guess what?Gardening isn’t just about results – it’s about having fun, too! So, I made sure to include plenty of items that are just for fun in this gift guide. From garden themed jewelry to home goods and grow kits, you’re sure to find something that’ll delight even your friend who already has all the nicest tools to think of. So, let’s dig in and find that perfect gift that will make your favorite gardener’s heart bloom with joy!

Jewelry and clothing

necklace with a coin pendant

Garden Coin Necklace

For someone who doesn’t love themed jewelry, but does love thoughtful gifts, this is perfect. This cute necklace subtly acknowledges their love for gardening without being too cliche.

white sun hat

Sun Hat for Gardening in the Heat

A good sun hat is crucial for longer days outdoors in the garden, and this one looks like it would reflect heat wonderfully. Be sure to look for breathable light materials if you’re gardening in a hot climate.

necklace with letter, spade, and rake charm as pendants

Garden Tool Charms

Give them stylish jewelry featuring garden-themed pendants or charms so they can wear their gardening passion around their neck.

set of earrings in the shape of garden tools

Garden Themed Earrings

Too cute! These adorable spade and rake earrings are perfect for an avid gardener- and there are other designs available in this Etsy shop, too!

photo from behind of woman wearing straw sun hat

Straw Sun Hat

For a sun hat that looks just as at home in the garden as it does on the beach, gift a cute straw hat like this one.

Durable gardening Overalls

Duluth Trading Co is well known for making durable workwear, and their garden overalls are no different. These overalls have rave reviews and are often named the top gardening overalls by gardening publications.

sweatshirt with "nana's garden" flowers, and names on it

Personalized sweatshirt

For your green-thumbed mom or grandma, these sweatshirts make a super sweet, personalized gift.

blundstone boots

Gardening boots

Blundstones are a crowd favorite for good reason. These boots are comfortable, practical, and super durable- perfect for gardening!

Kenzan / Flower Frog

Do you have a flower gardening friend who loves creating beautiful arrangements? Ignite their creativity with a new flower arranging technique.

Garden decor and accessories

mushroom lights with glowing caps along garden path

Mini Mushroom Lights

For the cutest, most whimsical garden decor gift, check out these adorable little mushroom lights! They’re solar powered, too, so you can place them anywhere in your garden.

Decorative Bird Feeder

If your green thumbed friend doesn’t have a good bird feeder in their yard, it’s time to get them one! Birds are great for the garden and fun to watch from your home.

Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

For the avid bird watcher, consider one of these cool bird feeders with a built in camera. They’ll never miss a bird visitor again!

blue and tan handmade ceramic watering bells

Handmade ceramic watering bell

A garden tool that doubles as decor? You know we love to see it! Grab one of these for the indoor gardener in your life to make watering plants a bit more fun.

simple wind chime

A Wind Chime

Wind chimes are always a welcome garden addition. Their whimsical melody adds a beautiful ambiance to any garden or porch.

framed botanical prints

Decorative Wall Art of Their Favorite Plants

Brighten their walls with beautiful botanical prints of their favorite plants. This will be especially welcome in the winter months to bring some of that garden beauty indoors while nature sleeps.

custom garden sign with hummingbird

Custom Garden Sign

Add a personal touch to their garden with a custom sign. This is a gift you know they’ll cherish anytime they walk out to their garden.

folded blanket

A Picnic Blanket

What better way to enjoy one’s garden than to set up a picnic blanket and enjoy they beauty up close. These blankets have a waterproof bottom so you can set it up and read, have a picnic, or take a break from gardening chores anywhere you choose.

Tools and equipment

garden basket

Garden Basket

This cute little gardening basket is perfect for carrying around the essentials and grabbing some flowers or produce while you’re working in the garden.

garden apron laid flat on grey background

Garden Apron

An apron like this one has perfectly sized pockets to keep all the essentials at hand as you tackle a day full of chores around the yard.

bokashi compost kit

Bokashi Compost kit

For the gardener who hasn’t yet attempted composting, introduce them to the bokashi method. This popular composting method is known for being easier, faster, and lower maintenance than traditional compost methods. And it’s small, too!

Battery Operated Hedge Trimmers

A crowd favorite when we polled our subscribers, new trimmers seem to be a much-wanted gift this year! Battery powered ones are so light and convenient.

waxed canvas tool belt laid flat on beige background

Gardening Tool Belt

A durable, waxed canvas tool belt is a wonderful, practical way to keep your essential garden tools on hand. No more running back to the shed to grab that one last tool you forgot!

mini, low greenhouse covering plants on the ground

Mini Greenhouse

The gardening gift they didn’t even realize they needed, a mini greenhouse like this one will help to get a jump on seed starting this year!

Home goods and indoor gardening gifts

fiddle leaf fig with a grow light

Grow Light for Houseplants

Any houseplant, even the toughest to keep alive, will thrive under a nice grow light like this one. And it looks great too!

two houseplants next to plant shipping box

Indoor Plant Subscription

Feed the houseplant addiction of your favorite indoor gardener with a houseplant subscription.

seed starting tray set up with a grow light

Grow Light for Seed Starting

Level up their seed starting game before the next gardening season with handy grow light like this one. They’ll be well on their way to a lush garden before the frost has even melted!

indoor herb growing kit

Indoor Grow Kit

Indoor gardening aficionados and culinary-inclined gardeners definitely need a way to grow their herbs right in their kitchens. A kit like this one is the perfect way to do just that!

potted citrus tree

Potted Citrus Tree

Citrus trees are surprisingly easy to grow in containers. They also happen to make your house smell delicious and double as a decorative accent!

green candle surrounded by herbs and plants

Garden Scented Candle

With notes of basil, mint, ginger and eucalyptus, this candle is sure to bring all the garden vibes indoors. This is the perfect gift for someone who’s already got all the fanciest gear.

three amaryllis flowers growing from a tin planter


A holiday classic, everyone loves these big, beautiful flowers. And it’s so nice receiving a live plant that’ll stay beautiful through the season. These make great host gifts, too!

Uniquely shaped flower vases on a table each with flowers

Unique Decorative Vases

Flower gardeners will love the opportunity to break out a fancy, unique vase to show off what they’ve grown. And vases like these are a work of art worth displaying with or without flowers in them!

bouquet of sunflowers and other flowers

A Bouquet Subscription

A holiday classic, everyone loves these big, beautiful flowers. These make great host gifts, too!

Downloadable gift guide for gardeners

In case you missed it, we’ve got a downloadable version of this guide as well. If you’d like one for yourself, simply click here!

And that’s the guide! I hope you all found something in here for each and every one of your gardening friends. I want to hear from you- what will you be getting them? Is there anything you think should have been included? Let me know in the comments! And for more holiday inspiration, be sure to check out our posts on outdoor Christmas lights, DIY outdoor reindeer decorations, and DIY Christmas yard decorations.

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