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Backyard Lighting Ideas

12 Inspiring Backyard Lighting Ideas…

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perfect pond plants

Perfect Pond Plants…

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DIY Garden Globes

Cool and Unique DIY Garden Globes…

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Showy Shade Gardens

Showy Shade Gardens…

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Container Herb Garden Ideas

Insanely Cool Herb Garden Container Ideas…

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How to Grow Lilies

Lily Love : How to Grow Lilies…

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7 Soothing DIY Garden Fountains…

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How to Build a Fabulous Floating Deck

How to Build a Fabulous Floating Deck…

Decks don't always have to be attached to the house to give you an effective … Read More


Fantastic Flower Beds!…

We love good garden inspiration. And we love flowers. Put 'em together, and you … Read More

Great Groundcovers

Great Groundcovers!…

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When Should I Plant What? Seed Starting Calendars

When Should I Plant What?…

When thinking about planting seeds, sometimes it can be confusing. What should I … Read More

DIY Garden Retaining Walls

DIY Garden Retaining Walls…

If your garden is on any kind of a slope, it's possible a garden retaining wall … Read More